Finixio Expected To Enter US Gambling Market After Recent Hire

After hiring Neil Roarty as Head of North America, affiliate firm Finixio is expected to enter the US gambling industry.

Finixio, a lead generation company that owns and operates a network of over 20 finance and igaming news and comparison pages, is expected to become the first affiliate network to join the legal US gambling industry.

Planned US launch of

Finixio has hired Roarty as the new Head of North America, with plans to launch its leading comparison website in the United States. Finixio employs over 80 people worldwide and works in ten languages.

Roarty has extensive experience in the United States, having successfully introduced affiliate network Wedge Traffic in the legal American market in 2019 and overseen its expansion. He has worked at affiliate giant Catena Media in the UK and has 15 years of igaming experience.

Anticipated rapid US growth

Finixio aspires to be as successful as those brands, and it anticipates rapid growth in the United States once it launches. The company has established strong igaming ties in the United Kingdom and Europe, and is currently providing lead generation services to all major online betting brands.

Finixio intends to move quickly to launch in all legal territories in North America. There are currently 16 states that allow affiliates to join as licenced vendors. Roarty’s success in the US market can benefit, and the brand should now be well-known in the American igaming market.