FIBA Confirms 38 National Teams For FIBA Esports Open

FIBA, the International Basketball Federation, has confirmed an enlarged field of 38 national teams competing in the second edition of the FIBA Esports Open with six regional conferences scheduled to take place over three weekends.

In the first international esports tournament, the three-day FIBA Esports Open 2020, held in June, seventeen national teams took part. The FIBA Esports Open has attracted tremendous support from its representatives in the National Federation and, for the second edition, conferences will be held in all regions of the FIBA, with a cumulative total of six days of online action.

Seven players will make up each team: five on the court and two substitutes. The PS4 game will be played on NBA 2K21 remotely, using the Pro-AM mode. Teams are once again permitted to have player avatars, uniforms and arena designs entirely personalised.

One of the following conferences will be split into teams: Africa, North and Central America, South America, Europe , the Middle East and Southeast Asia. According to regional conditions and server distributions, conferences have been set up.

Conferences in Africa , the Middle East and Southeast Asia will be held from 14-15 November, while conferences in Europe are scheduled for 12-13 December. On December 19-20, conferences in North and Central America and South America will take place. The finals will take place in both conferences at the FIBA Esports Open II, with the best of three formats.

FIBA Secretary General Andreas Zagklis said: “The first-ever FIBA Esports Open was an important milestone. The growing interest received from our National Federations is additional motivation for FIBA to further develop esports, and we are very enthusiastic for this second edition.”

As was the case for the inaugural FIBA Esports Open, this entire series will be created on FIBA’s Facebook, Twitch and YouTube channels from the FIBA Esports Studio in Riga, Latvia, with 54 hours of live content being streamed. With live commentary in English, each game will be available online, as well as a regular show featuring up to 12 games.

In June, Australia, Argentina, Italy, the Philippines and Saudi Arabia topped their respective conferences and emerged triumphant among the 17 nations participating from around the world and will fight it out again in the coming months.