Fast Track And Hero Laud Speed & Focus Key To Success

One year after hiring the online gaming technology and service provider to fuel its player interaction plan, Fast Track and igaming operator company Hero Gaming have celebrated their continuing partnership.

Hero Gaming first introduced FT CRM through its portfolio of products, beginning with Boom Casino, to streamline its player experience approach.

Research, improvement, and creativity

The partnership came as Hero Gaming aimed to simplify a greater portion of their tasks in order to free up the team from manual operations and spend more on research, improvement, and creativity.

In addition, the company wanted to centralise the management of all of its engagement platforms in order to improve operating performance.

CRM solutions

Adam Kamiar, Hero Gaming’s head of retention said: “We looked at a few different CRM solutions, all very different to each other. Mainly we were looking for a tool which worked as a one-stop shop for everything CRM. In the end we felt Fast Track had done this best.”

Fast Track is now the “foundation” behind all of Hero Gaming’s CRM output, with the company powering player activity through eight brands a year later.

The operator has over 1600 digital operations running through those organisations, including lifecycle automations, and has seen a 40 percentage growth in overall CRM projects without adding new staff.

Simplified operations

Fast Track’s decision to partner with Hero Gaming was largely dependent on the company’s ability to simplify its operations, something it has been lauded for being “very successful” at over the past year.

Fast Track’s CEO and co-founder, Simon Lidzén, added: “I’m very impressed with Hero Gaming’s speed of delivery and their focus as an organisation.

“Their clear understanding of what they want to achieve, alongside their knowledgeable approach, makes them a fantastic partner to work with and it is very rewarding to deliver value for them.”