Fantastic 7s Slot

Most people have the belief that 7 is a lucky number and Microgaming seem to have this belief as well. This 3-reel classic is very straightforward, and it has all of the features that prove this theory to be correct in this classic style game having special symbols. Somebody once said that a person can never go wrong with the classics and this developer gives us reasons to see this as true with fantastic 7s.

It comes with many retro symbols such as fruity cherries, single bars, double bars, triple bars, etc. Microgaming made this game super easy with symbols that can be combined to give a 2,500x multiplier jackpot potential having 12,500 credits.  It comes with many retro symbols, adjacent symbols, cherry symbols, BAR symbols, etc which increases the aesthetics of the game. Read on if you want to activate your lucky number.

About Fantastic 7s Slot Game

No matter how long classic casino games have been in existence, it can never be put aside. Even with the coming in of modernized facilities, the love for classics remains. Microgaming with this knowledge in mind created this 3- reel slot. Its diverse symbols and its range of lucky 7s which makes up its payable helps to increase its aesthetics, which also provided with slots such as Dolphin Coast, which is much fun.

It does not come with a lot of quality in its graphics, and that is expected of a classic. It just possesses a simple two-dimensional icon, which is very bold and increases the vintage aesthetic. However, regardless of this dull tone, along the lines of playing the game, you can expect to see such bright tones of deep blue, very dark red, bright yellow, and very deep violet colour.

How To Play Fantastic 7s Slot Online

As expected from a classic, there is a little technicality in playing any game in this genre. Below are the steps you can take in playing this fantastic 7s slot:

  • Use the plus or minus button to adjust the coin size to as low as $0.25 or even as high as $5.
  • Use the bet one button to cycle the coin from 1-3
  • Use the spin button to play a wide range of online slots
  • On the on-screen table, select the coin you want and use the right column

Interactive Features

One of the very amazing features is the paytable column, which can easily be accessed as the reels spreads across the screen. With this feature, you do not have to keep switching across the menu screens to find out the prizes you must have qualified for. The multiplier values are however attached to just one coin and playing with 1 coin will give you a smaller reward in comparison with playing with a 3 coin.

The most valuable symbol which is the 7 that appears multicoloured can still be accessed from the 3 coins. In addition, you will be able to get a jackpot multiplier worth 2,500x your stake, which is larger than those offered when you are making use of the 1 or 2 coins. There are 3 reels in a single line and you can spin up to 4, 6, or 9 spins at one time. The minimum bet is at 0.40 and the maximum bet is at 135.00 credits. There are no wild or scatter icons in this mobile casino with classic slots.

Game Symbols

The most popular symbols in this game include cherries, single bar, double bar, triple bar, red 7s, and 7s that appears multicoloured. For the bars, you can win three combinations of single, double, and triple bars after game weighting. The 7s feature allows you to mix up red and the 7s that appears multicoloured to form 3 symbol combinations.

The 2,500 coins can be won when the 7s that are multicoloured are activated in these classic slot machines. This can only be obtained with a 3 coin as well. If you can activate all 9 reels, you can reach the multicoloured 7s for as high as 9 times. Then you would have as high as 22,500 coins to 112,500 coins as payouts for your slots count.

Below is a vivid representation of the symbols activated and their values on each of the coins:

  • Any 1 Cherry will give 2 on the 1st coin, 4 on the 2nd coin, and 6 on the 3rd coin
  • Any 2 Cherry will give 5 on the 1st coin, 10 on the 2nd coin, and 15 on the 3rd coin
  • 3x Cherry will give 10 on the 1st coin, 20 on the 2nd coin, and 30 on the 3rd coin
  • 3x Any Bar will give 5 on the 1st coin, 10 on the 2nd coin, and 15 on the 3rd coin
  • 3x Bar will give 10 on the 1st coin, 20 on the 2nd coin, and 30 on the 3rd coin
  • 3x Double Bar will give 20 on the 1st coin, 40 on the 2nd coin, and 60 on the 3rd coin
  • 3x Triple Bar will give 30 on the 1st coin, 60 on the 2nd coin, and 90 on the 3rd coin
  • 3x Any Seven will give 40 on the 1st coin, 60 on the 2nd coin, and 120 on the 3rd coin
  • 3x Red Seven will give 80 on the 1st coin, 160 on the 2nd coin, and 240 on the 3rd coin
  • 3x Fantastic Seven will give 500 on the 1st coin, 1000 on the 2nd coin, and 2500 on the 3rd coin

Bonus Features

There are no bonus features on the Fantastic 7s game, as all of the features have been applied already on its basic symbols such as the cherries. However, it serves as favourite games for most betting range.

What Symbol Triggers Fantastic 7s Slot Bonus Free Spins?

With the absence of bonus features, the game is made to be free from complications. The multicoloured 7 is the symbol that helps trigger the extra spin, which can make you access the jackpot and make the belief that 7 is a lucky number true for you.

Obviously if you’re into free spins you’ll want to check out some other slots, with casinos offering some fantastic free spins of up to 100, which is a big advantage start.

Paylines and Stakes

There is just 1 payline in this slot and the stakes in the slot are relatively high for all calendar days where it is present.

Fantastic 7s Slot Game Software

The software developer in charge of fantastic 7s slot is Microgaming. It was established in 1994 and is acclaimed as the first software developer to create casino software. They are authorized by the gambling commission and some other top gambling commissions.

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What is Fantastic 7s RTP?

The RTP for fantastic 7s is at 95.93%. This simply translates that there is a 95.93% return on every wager that is made for every staking in alternative video slots.

Slot Volatility

The volatility is not available in this slot and it is not mentioned in any of its casino offers across alternative video slots.


If you happen to be a gamer who has a penchant for lucky numbers and classics, then this slot is the game for you for several calendar days. It can help you provide the setting of the ancient times together with the vintage quality, which would definitely amaze you. However, its spins that come in abundance in such a short amount of time can make it tiring for some people.

It also has the ability to help you reduce the risks involved in your stakes with its casino offers.