FansUnite Subsidiaries File For UK Gambling License

Askott Entertainment (Malta) Limited and E.G.G. Ltd., both subsidiaries of FansUnite Entertainment Inc, have filed applications with the UK Gambling Commission for Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer gambling licences, respectively.

The Gambling Act of 2005 established the United Kingdom Gambling Commission to control commercial gambling in the United Kingdom in collaboration with licencing authorities.

Remote gambling software licence

FansUnite has applied for a remote gambling software licence, which will enable operators in the United Kingdom’s online gambling industry to access its suite of betting products. E.G.G. Ltd. has also applied for a remote betting licence, which would enable it to operate online.

These applications are an important step for FansUnite in expanding its activities to the United Kingdom, which is one of the world’s biggest gambling markets.

Gold standard for lawful gaming operations

Scott Burton, Chief Executive Officer of FansUnite said: “The U.K. gambling licenses are widely regarded as the gold standard for lawful gaming operations and we are pleased to have formally submitted our application with the commission.

“The first step to our expansion in the U.K. is to obtain the relevant licenses from the country’s Gambling Commission, which will allow us to license our betting solutions as well as operate our B2C betting platforms in the United Kingdom. By doing so, we will be in a position to advance our operations to capture market share in one of the most lucrative online betting markets in the world.”

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