FansUnite Lauds Canada’s Sports Betting Changes

Following last week’s news, FansUnite Entertainment Inc released a statement that the Canadian Federal Government has introduced legislation that will legalise single-event sports betting and open the door to a billion-dollar annual Canadian industry.

The new federal government law would grant the discretion of provinces and territories in Canada to sell single-event sports betting products and handle single-event sports betting in their respective jurisdictions, either online or in a physical facility.

Scott Burton, the global sports and entertainment company’s CEO, said: “We are pleased that the federal government has decided to introduce legislation to legalise single-event sports wagering in Canada.

“This is the first important step to making sports betting competitive in this country, followed by the potential for outside operators to participate in the Canadian market. With our team and global experience in regulated jurisdictions, we are positioned to capitalise on this opportunity if and when it happens.”

The National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, and the Canadian Football League, all of whom registered their support for an amendment to the federal laws of Canada earlier this year would have supported the implementation of the enabling bill.