Fairy Ring Slot

Play through the Fairy Ring game and win big in this mystical forest slot!

If you’ve had an experience with a lucky ring before, then the term ‘fair ring’ ought to strike a chord for you in Fairy Ring. At one point or another, the lucky rings you might have come across might not have given you as much luck as you would want, but what would you say to a 5,000- coin fixed jackpot on the fairy ring slot? Now that is extremely lucky.

Microgaming developed this slot with 3 reels, 3 paylines, 1 wild symbol, and a betting limit that can accommodate just anybody.  The slot is simply magical and has many features, including butterflies, a petite fairy, toadstools, and others, which makes the aesthetics of the slot more beautiful, making the lucky charm the slot comes with more exciting.  Let’s look at some of the fantastic features Lucky Ring comes with.

About Fairy Ring slot Game

The most powerful armoury is the ‘fairy ring’ in a huge forest with fairies present and many mysterious creatures in the environment. Based on the situational context of the game, the fairy ring provides powers to all fairies in the forests. Now, what happens when it gets lost? As a player, all the fairies depend on you to help them find the ring.

Microgaming made the graphics very simple and classy. There is a secret valley with mushrooms, orange lilies, green grass, and more, accompanied by uninterrupted background music. The colours you can find on the game include blue, pink, red, purple, white, and black. Once you find the lost ring, you can decide to keep it or return it to the queen of the fairies.

How To Play Fairy Ring slot Online

You must be intrigued now and want to know the steps you can take in playing this game. Firstly, this game is available on iOS devices and Android, and you can also play it on your desktop. Despite the traditional nature of the game, you can get up to 5,000 coins, equivalent to £25,000 and more, from the bonus symbols. Your step to getting lucky is now in your fingerprints:

  • Adjust the amount you want to stake using the ‘add’ and ‘subtract’ icons.
  • Make sure of the amount that you would like to bet
  • Place 1 coin each on all paylines where you make your bet
  • You can spin the reels now

If you have been playing this online casino slot for a long while, you can access the expert mode, which is more complicated than the standard version but tends to get more significant payouts than you thought possible.

Interactive Features

The interactive features on the fairy ring slot are not as many as other slots. You can find the wilds, the fairy- which represents the symbol for the wild, and a few others. The wild symbol helps to open you up to get luckier as your payouts get doubled with its help in this online slot.

Game Symbols

Unlike other slots which can be placed in the video slot category, the Fairy Ring slot finds itself along the lines of the classics.  Its game symbols and payouts for real money are outlined below:

  • 3x Any Bar will give you a payout of 7
  • 3x Bar will give you a payout of 15
  • 3x Double  Bar will give you a payout of 30
  • 3x Triple Bar will give you a payout of 80
  • 3x Toadstools will give you a payout of 150
  • 3x Butterflies will give you a payout of 300
  • 3x Fairy when activated on payline 1 will give you a payout of 1500
  • 3x Fairy when activated on payline 2 will give you a payout of 2500
  • 3x Fairy when activated on payline 3 will give you a payout of 5000

Bonus Features

Microgaming has provided some bonus features for this Fairy Ring slot, and all of the features help increase the quality of the slot. You, as a user, can customise the game to suit your personality.  Also, an autoplay feature enables you to spin the 3 reels from a minimum of 5 times to 500 times in 1 row. You wouldn’t have to click on the spin button as often as without this feature.

However, you would have to use the expert mode to access the autoplay feature, making it tricky for some users to access. Other bonus features are outlined below:

  • Gaming Controls: With this feature, you can alter your coin value and increase the number of coins staked.
  • Bet One: This button helps you switch between bets, especially if you are repeatedly exchanging between the available coins.
  • Bet Max: If you intend to bet the max, this button helps you set the reels in place even while your stake is made.
  • Wild Symbol: A fairy represents this, and this helps you replace a particular symbol with another one you can use to get a winning combination.

What Symbol Triggers Fairy Ring Slot Bonus Free Spins?

There is no free spin feature with this slot. So if you are interested in playing this slot game, you should pay more attention to getting as many wilds as you can. If you want to play on Microgaming slots with free spins, our pages with offers of up to 500 free spins are fantastic.

Paylines and Stakes

Fairy Ring game gives you a 3 reel payline valued at 0.25 minimum bet and a 5.0 max bet for each line. Your stakes can start as low as £0.25 to a high of £15.00. The payout comes as 1,500 coins for each currency and 3,000 coins when you can spin using two currencies.

Whenever such symbols as the little fairy, toadstools, and others appear on your screen, it is advised that you try to scale the bet range as these symbols can give you a payout at 7x to 300x. Note that 1 coin could issue you £7,500, and 3 coins could provide you £25,000. So you should use up the 3 coins to increase your luck.

Fairy Ring Slot Game Software

Microgaming is the software that is in charge of the fairy ring slot. It was founded in 1994, and it claims to be the one that created the world’s first casino software. They are known for classic slots, and the gambling commission begambleaware authorise them, among others. Below are other slots which might interest you:

What is Fairy Ring Slot RTP?

The RTP value for the Fairy Ring slot is 95.03%, which is higher than most other slots in its category. This high score means a return of 95.03% for every 100 coin wager.

Slot Volatility

Fairy Ring Slot comes with a medium variance in all its casino slots. To further increase the lucky ring power, Microgaming made this variance so that you can get more wins without risking too much of your stakes.


This game might seem too plain for some people as it doesn’t come with many aesthetics. However, the payouts the game offers seem to cover that problem. Unless you are a player who is really into the aesthetics of games, you have nothing to worry about as the game possesses mystical creatures which help to double your chances of winning.

However, it’s a shame that the game doesn’t possess free spins, and we think the developer should do something about that. Despite this deficiency, the game can still be very addictive as it is fun to engage with, and the £5,000 lucky jackpot payout makes it more rewarding.

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