‘Fair Play’ Sports Initiative Launched In Colombia

Together with a range of online gaming firms, Colombian trade bodies Fecoljuegos and Asojuegos have launched a new initiative named ‘Yo le apuesto’ that aims to encourage openness and fair play in sports competitions.

The campaign will, with the help of regulator Coljuegos, aim to raise awareness among everyone interested in sports, translating as ‘I bet’.

The aim of the campaign is to exchange details so that only one of the 16 platforms approved by Coljuegos can play with potential bettors.

This programme, introduced this week, will see organisations and businesses exchange posts, including those addressing the dangers of match manipulation, on their social networks.

Evert Montero Cárdenas, Fecoljuegos’ president, said: “The gambling industry and particularly online gambling are allies of the sports industry, [so] we are working with sports institutions in initiatives to train, raise awareness and exchange information, and also strengthen good practices to ensure integrity in sports.

“We are convinced that we need to work together in order to shield sports from any threat. Bookmakers are committed because they would be the most affected… and that’s why we have successfully joined this awareness strategy,” said Cárdenas.

The president of Asojuegos, Juan Carlos Restrepo, added: “We aim to show the commitment we have with integrity in sports and with the preservation of an industry that contributes millionaire resources to the health of all Colombians.

“We need to showcase our dedication through this type of campaign.”