FA Hands Paul Terry Fine Over ‘Disturbingly High-Stake Bets’

After the West Bromwich Albion employee was found to have violated betting laws 209 times, the FA charged former professional footballer Paul Terry with a £ 1,000 fine.

A total of £ 46,916.73 was lost from betting on sport by the brother of ex-England international John Terry, including 35 wagers made on tournaments in which his own clubs were involved. In July 2019, Terry joined West Brom, the Premier League side, to track the development of players loaned out from the club, meaning he is barred from making bets on matches.

The FA’s regulatory commission’s report stated: “Paul Terry stated in interview that he had received education on betting and had been aware of the rules against betting on football albeit he was unsure that it applied to coaching staff,” the FA’s regulatory commission’s report stated.

“Paul Terry said that he has gambled all his adult life and that he was betting through boredom when he placed the bets on football. He said that he never bets beyond his means.”

He made five-figure bets on soccer fixtures, including a £ 10,000 stake in Manchester United to see Basel in the Champions League, resulting in the Premier League team’s loss. He also put an extra £ 10,000 on a friendly deal between Germany and England, which ended in a goalless draw.

The report continued: “Whereas Paul Terry’s usual stakes were relatively low, ranging from £2 to £200, a number of bets placed, particularly in November 2017, stood out as being extremely high.

“By way of example, over an 18-day period in November 2017, Paul Terry staked £45,600 across 12 bets.”

The ‘disturbingly high-stake bets’ worth up to £ 63,800.40 alerted one of the operators to register an account with the 41-year-old, who in turn alerted the FA to his relevant operation in August. Terry maintained, however that due to ‘boredom’ he made bets and never spent ‘beyond his means.’