Evoplay Release Pachinko Inspired Game Pachin-girl

Evoplay Entertainment’s groundbreaking game development studio has released its new immersive instant game title to stun global audiences, Pachin-girl.

Inspired by Pachinko, the classic Japanese slot machine, players enjoying the release are welcomed by the Pachin-girl’s hologram who collects gleaming spheres to be traded for the finest gold coins and edible goodies.

Adventurous gamblers are encouraged during the main game to gather symbols that equal the number of free spins in a classically spellbinding Pachinko game, raising the odds of players landing a major win as each move is taken.

Pachin-girl enters the high-tech portfolio of more than 100 slots, table and instant games from Evoplay Entertainment, including other smash-hit instant games such as Book of Keno, Wheel of Time and Penalty Shootout, a favourite football game.

In 2020, the supplier was nominated for a host of SBC and EGR awards, acknowledging the unique approach of the studio to the gaming experience and contributing to the growth of the industry since its launch in 2017.

Ivan Kravchuk, CEO of Evoplay Entertainment, commented on the launch, stating: “We are thrilled to launch Pachin-girl, an innovative new instant game that fuses the best gaming traditions from the East and the West to create an action-packed entertainment adventure that will delight our fans the world over.

“Too many visitors to Japan have never played Pachinko, even though the country – whether you’re in Tokyo or Hokkaido – is packed with Pachinko shops. With Flashing lights, swirling sounds and hundreds of tiny metal balls, Pachinko, or Japanese pinball, is a must-try for any tourist looking for the ‘Japan experience’.

“Featuring the charming Pachin-girl, players who land the right symbols will be sure to find themselves tucking into a mouth-watering menu of delicious prizes.”