Evoplay Launch Highly Anticipated Star Guardians

Published: 29th October 2021
Author: Debbie Hewlett
Last Updated: 27th April 2023

Evoplay Entertainment have released their flagship game Star Guardians. This highly anticipated game follows Dungeon: Immortal Evil’s, the first in its kind RPG slot that has picked up many industry awards.

This latest slot release is more than just a video slot, it’s a totally new way of gaming, a third-person shooter game, giving you manual control of your character.

The player gets to choose from different characters, each with their own strengths, powers, and motivations, before joining Special Forces team Star Guardians as they battle against swarms of giant mutated insects called Tritons. After clearing the aliens, players find themselves up against their Queen.

Evoplay’s cutting-edge Spinential video game engine gives players the benefit of 10x faster load times, an improved user interface and features like autospins and a game history mobile bar that enables players to track their winning spins.

Commenting on the launch, Ivan Kravchuk, CEO at Evoplay said: “We are so excited to launch our flagship product for 2021 – Star Guardians – where we merge the lines between industries, audiences, and genres to produce an entirely new entertainment experience.

“Star Guardians is set to change the way we look at slot titles, enabling players to take full control over their game experience in a way that they have never seen before.”

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