Evolution Slot

NetEnt’s Evolution slot transports players back to the beginnings of life as we know it, to a cosmos filled with primordial species as they progress up the evolutionary ladder to become more advanced.

With the click of a button, players may witness the creation of life, due to Wild substitutes, Free Spins, and the new and innovative Evolution function in Free Spins, among other features. Evolution offers a distinctive gaming experience by rotating the reels from bottom to top rather than top to bottom, as is common in the industry. Using the new Evolution function in Free Spins, players can progress up the evolutionary ladder in the game, boosting their winnings with each successful symbol while simultaneously removing lower-value symbols from the game. Rich graphics, music, and vibrant animations contribute to the excitement on the reels, resulting in an entertaining and engaging gaming experience overall.

To know everything you need to know about the Evolution slot, from its current active casino bonuses to its minimum and maximum wagers, as well as its game symbols, continue reading this review till the end!

About Evolution Slot Game

This slot machine features five reels and a total of 25 paylines. Each spin’s maximum stake is $125, and the coin value can be as low as one cent or as high as fifty cents. Each spin offers the possibility to earn up to 44,000 coins – this is not a diluted or watered-down payout! As previously indicated, there are two different game worlds in this slot machine. There are two game worlds to choose from: the standard game world and the FREE SPINS game world.

The primary component of the game, referred to as the “first-world,” contains crisp graphics and soothing sounds that imitate being underwater. Throughout the course of the game, this basic undersea environment is gradually filled with single-cell, amoeba-like symbols that eventually evolve into scatter symbols. As the symbols ascend the food chain, you may recognize elements of some of our animals on this planet. Still, those elements have been blended with mythological animal components to create something unlike anything we have on this planet: Basilisk pluma, Draconius rex, and Albus slugus are examples of such creatures.

Along with the visual transformation of the symbols, each time one of them evolves, an atmospheric pinging sound brings to mind the sound of submarines under the sea. Additionally, the music could be understood as a mini-celebration of life, as it coincides with the joyful metamorphosis of the symbol into a newly reborn life-form. The first half of the slot has a sharp background with a slowly rotating “light from above” that is calm and non-intrusive to the game. The second section of the slot has a sharp background with a slowly rotating “light from above.”

How To Play Evolution Slot Online

Excalibur, in contrast to other slot games, is straightforward to play.

  • Log in to any online casino
  • Select “Evolution”
  • Click on the “Options” tab from the drop-down menu to have access to your deposit balance
  • The “Coin Value” buttons can be used to adjust the coin’s size from 0.01 to 0.50. A total of 125 coins are available for use in a single bet.
  • Select the “Start” option to spin the reels.

Interactive Features

Another unusual aspect of the game is the symbols, represented by the most bizarre creatures you can imagine. We probably wouldn’t be able to imagine them, but NetEnt designers were able to. The lower-paying symbols are Blobulus astrum, Primo blobulus, Jellocus finnum, Crustacio springum, and Jellocus squidae, all one-cell animals. Higher-value symbols include squirrels, snails, and mice, which are more advanced species. Bestia dentum, Albus slugus, Basilisk hairicus, Basilisk pluma, and Draconius rex are the names of these creatures.

Game Symbols

Each symbol on the grid has a different value. Evolution is a video slot that emphasizes rewards and bonus features. The symbols include: 

  • 10 (Primo blobulus) – pays 2x, 10x, 40x your line bet
  • J (Blobulus astrum) – pays 3x, 12x, 50x your line bet
  • Q (Jellocus finnum) – pays 4x, 15x, 60x your line bet
  • K (Jellocus squidae) – pays 5x, 20x, 80x your line bet
  • A (Crustacio springum) – pays 10x, 25x, 100x your line bet
  • Albus slugus – pays 12x, 50x, 150x your line bet
  • Bestia dentum – pays 15x, 60x, 175x your bet
  • Basilisk hairicus – pays 20x, 75x, 200x your bet
  • Basilisk pluma – pays 25x, 100x, 250x your line bet
  • Draconius rex – pays 50x, 150x, 500x your bet

Bonus Features

Wilds and free spins games are featured in Evolution Slot, and they are responsible for a variety of in-game bonuses. Here are the bonus features in Evolution:

  • Evolution Free Spins Feature: This symbol resembles small fireflies forming around letters. There are two benefits to landing at least three symbols on the reels. To begin, you will be given free spins. The Evolution Bonus game is then triggered
  • Evolution Wild Feature: The word “Wild” is written on it. It only shows up in the middle reels. Except for the ‘Extra Spins’ sign, it acts as a substitute for all other symbols. It appears and bounces around the reels like a bubble when it appears
  • Evolution Feature: Once activated, the symbols that make up your winning combination transform into a new creature on the scale. Albus slugus, for example, develops into a Bestla dentum. If the combination contains any low-value symbols, they are deleted and will not show on subsequent spins. Players can earn a lot of money in just a few spins with the evolution function alone. Cross your fingers, though, that the massive meteor doesn’t smash into your screen, sinking you back into the water

What Symbol Triggers Evolution Slot Bonus Free Spins?

The Free Spins Round in Evolution slot is triggered when three or more Free Spins symbols appear on the reels. Each time a winning spin is spun during the Free Spins, the low-value creatures in the game will ‘evolve’ into higher-value symbols. In addition, the music switches to a more rhythmic tempo to heighten the excitement of your free spins! Landing three FS symbols awards you an extra offer of no deposit free spins, four symbols awards 15 free spins, and five symbols awards you 20 free spins. The free spins come with a variety of multipliers.

Paylines and Stakes

Evolution slot has 25 paylines, which means players can enjoy winning in multiple ways. It also has an affordable minimum and maximum stake for every player. The evolution slot machine has a betting range of £0.25 to £125.

Evolution Slot Game Software

NetEnt, a cutting-edge software developer, provides fantastic games to more than a half-dozen online gambling companies. Each game is created with two main considerations in mind: usability and user-friendliness. NetEnt’s games are captivating, hilarious, and unquestionably enjoyable, and they are among the greatest casino games worth playing if you are a frequent gambler. The games produced by the firm are a superb blend of vibrant graphics, sharp music, and smooth animation.

NetEnt currently has over 200 music, movie, and television-themed casino games available to play on all platforms, including desktop, mobile, and tablet. New games are added to their collection every month for avid gamblers to enjoy. Other popular Netent slots include:

You can enjoy these slots and other famous slots at most online casinos.

What is Evolution RTP?

Evolution has a return to player percentage of 96.3%, which is more than the average of 95% but is not actually high for an online slot game. Due to its high hit rate, players should be able to win frequently.

Slot Volatility

Evolution is a medium-volatility game, but with regular small winnings. Due to its medium volatility, players can earn payouts with the free spin bonus feature.


Overall, this is a pretty clever slot game with an intriguing premise that carries through the entire game. Free spins and evolution features are two of the essential components of the game. Evolution is expected to be one of NetEnt’s best games yet, with fantastic audio and graphics, great odds for winning, and great opportunities for free spins.

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