Evolution Plans On Strengthening Global Position


Evolution Gaming has celebrated on a global basis continued growth and development as the organisation reaffirms a dream previously highlighted, given continuing worldwide confusion due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Clearing up its relentless goal “to increase the gap to the competition”  across three key areas of product creativity, organisational excellence and customer optimisation, COVID-19 continues with the first significant impact on the company.

This came as Georgian authorities ordered the temporary suspension of floor operations at the Tbilisi site of Evolution, with the potential for more disruption being recognised through its other locations in Belgium, Canada, Latvia, Malta, Romania, Spain and the USA.

Evolution, which boasts double global licencing figures, finished 2019 with operating revenue for Q4 seeing a 51% year-on-year leap from € 70.2 million to € 106 million, which helped drive the full-year figures to € 365.7 million, marking a 49% rise from € 245.4 million.

The live casino specialist also emphasised that the continued success of its game shows segment, the launch of a number of new titles and new deals and expanded collaborations led to a prosperous 2019, praising ts continued investment in development of his global studio portfolio.

Martin Carlesund, group CEO explained: “In last year’s annual report, I concluded my CEO comments by stating that we should not slow down our pace. I said that we should aim for continuous growth, continue to create new gaming experiences and continue to strengthen our global presence.

“As I now summarise the year 2019, I can proudly say that we reached all of this – and more – in what cannot be described in any other way than another outstanding year in Evolution’s history. 2019 was a year of products and innovation for Evolution and during the year we introduced no less than 10 new games.

“Our ambition is not only to create new experiences for returning casino players, but also games that attract completely new player types and that expand the live vertical in new segments.

“The most visible proof of this has been the great success for our games in the game show category, where titles such as Monopoly Live and Lightning Roulette are finding new players every day. The focus for all our game shows is to be entertaining, where the boundaries between games and shows fade.”

Sticking to a potential objective of becoming “the world’s leading live casino provider,” Carlesund acknowledges that there may be a time of confusion and difficulty ahead but retains faith that the “paranoid attitude” of Evolution would see the firm adapt and grow.

Looking ahead over the next nine months, the company plans to improve its market position, while sharing enthusiasm about its activities in the US where the company aims to make its New Jersey studio debut later in the year.

“As we are about to publish this annual report the world is going through an uncertain time with the Coronavirus spreading throughout the world,” Carlesund concludes.

“I regularly return to the paranoid attitude that characterises Evolution as a company. Our drive to adapt and develop the company will truly be tested also this coming year. However, we enter the coming year with a very strong financial position as well as an underlying growth in demand for our products.

“During 2020 we not only want to maintain our leading market position; we also want to strengthen it – and we will do it by constantly challenging both ourselves and the entire industry. In 2020, we will launch 12 new games, featuring both innovations in the classic table games category, expanding our line of first person RNG games, as well as new titles in the game show category.

“We also continue to invest in our studio capacity to ensure that we meet the global demand for our services. Our eternal mission to increase the gap to our competitors has never been more relevant. Evolution’s employees continue to aim for new heights, and I hope that you as a shareholder, customer and end user will join us on this journey!”


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