EuropeBet Adds LVision’s BetBooster

After becoming the latest company to incorporate LVision’s BetBooster product, EuropeBet has strengthened its sportsbook offering.

In the process, EuropeBet will push the interaction between sport bettors ahead of a ‘action-packed sport calendar 2021 including the rescheduled European Football Championships,’ by using bet stimulus technology.

Sportsbetting in a new and exciting way

Ido Lazar, Founder and CEO of LVision said: “EuropeBet is a brand I really admire, and I’m thrilled we’re partnering with them in 2021, the biggest sporting year in living memory with some huge events coming up.

“BetBooster will allow EuropeBet players to enjoy betting on sports in a new and exciting way that is proven to enhance customer experience and drive additional revenues for major global brands.”

Increase sportsbook revenues

The BetBooster technology, given as a widget or data feed, will also allow EuropeBet to increase sportsbook revenues and increase its current range of sportsbooks.

In addition, the result of bet stimulation includes a wide range of sports including football, basketball and tennis. There will be more sports to be introduced soon, including baseball, hockey, sport, cricket and horses.

Betbooster’s sports insights service

Giorgi Tabatadze, EuropeBet’s Head of Sportsbook, said: “Europebet is the first company in Georgia to become an LVision partner. We are delighted to be able to offer our customers this new experience with Betbooster’s sports insights service.

“Before placing a bet both pre-match and in-play, our customers can access detailed information including statistics on more than 100 football matches. 

“BetBooster helps customers increase their chances of winning by using simple navigation to discover the highest probability events in a particular game. This is how BetBooster helps us to create the best experience for our customers.”