European Gambling Market Huge With Online Bingo Gaining Traction

With the gaming industry’s 22 percent market share worth 60 billion dollars, Europe’s largest online gambling market exists. This year the industry is showing remarkable growth and it is estimated that gambling in Europe will be worth € 25 billion by the end of the year, following on from an improvement of about 20 percent over the last 3 years.

Malta, the tiny Mediterranean island, hosts the highest rates of legal online casino gambling and their the gambling industry has been effectively controlled. Unlike Malta’s people, Germans can only place their bets online on some limited, selective sports. UK legalised internet gambling in 2005 and since then several outlets have run commercials for gambling goods and services on primetime television.

In Europe, betting and gambling in sports is greatly supported. People are eager to collect the UK Casino Bonus from famous online platforms. To the prevalence of betting and gambling, the famous football leagues were added. Sports betting holds the number one spot in the betting world, whilst casino games and lotteries in the online betting activities hold second and third place, respectively.

Bingo and poker account for 5 percent. They are popular amongst players, particularly online Bingo sites with players creating a huge market in many countries. The online world revolutionised this game which was traditionally considered the game old women would play. It was launched online by the younger generation and it has attracted many takers. Japan has the world’s highest number of online Bingo games. In Italy the game dates back to 1530 and since the late 1800s it has been enjoyed by Germans.

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