Eugene Melnyk Faces Lawsuit From Connecticut Tribal Casino Mohegan Sun

Canadian businessman Eugene Melnyk is estimated to be worth more than $1.21 billion, according to Forbes magazine,but despite this faces a lawsuit from Connecticut tribal casino Mohegan Sun, as $900,000 in cheques have bounced and he’s not making good of the debt according to reports. However, he seems to have difficulty paying his bills despite his reported riches. ⠀

Mohegan Sun is suing Melnyk to attempt to recover funds for cheques Melnyk’s bank refused to honour because of inadequate resources in his account. All of the cheques are from two years ago; one was published on March 2017 and four more were published on March 2019. In the period of an hour, three of those from the subsequent gambling adventure were published and four of the cheques were written for $200,000 each.

The casino hopes to recover the gambling debt as well as the damages and interest of just over $15,000. However, the lawsuit raises a greater question about the economic stability of Melnyk and could jeopardize his ongoing possession of the Ottawa Senators of the NHL.

In 2003, he bought the team and its arena, the Corel Center, and has recently become a somewhat polarizing figure, making remarks over the previous few years that seemed to disdain the supporters of the team. In the off-season, he booted the star player of the Senators, Erik Karlsson, and established a propensity to call the fans of the team childish and to develop a rift that continues to develop between the team and its supporters. If the NHL were to decide that without some significant assistance, fans would not be disappointed to hold on to the Senators.

Mohegan will almost certainly reach an agreement that will see it quickly get its money. As the casino operator, Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment (MGE), is definitely interested in trying to secure a casino tender in Hellinikon, Greece, it couldn’t come at a better time. The money would cover the costs of building of the casino. Greece stated that October 4 is the final date for the submission of permit offers.