Expands Into Bangladesh With Esukan Free Tournament Launch, a one-stop online eSports platform developed by Impact Integrated and Techninier Sdn Bhd (“Techninier”) to allow eSports fans to participate in, watch, and organise eSports tournaments anywhere, at any time, has announced its expansion into the Bangladesh eSports market by launching its tournament platform and hosting its first-ever cross-border eSports tournament called Esukan Free.

Sports Management Platform is an online eSports Management Platform that allows eSports players and gaming communities to compete on a large scale, as well as eSports organisers to easily create and run professional leagues and grassroot tournaments. Techninier has launched this platform to support the local esports community with the goal of boosting the esports and gaming environment in Bangladesh.

Players can register online to compete in a variety of forms, such as solo/team tournaments or leagues, for their favourite game titles. People can form their own teams and invite their friends or other players to join them. They can also form their own communities to increase their audience and compete with one another. The platform allows eSports participants to compete against one another in a competitive atmosphere. Players can improve their ranking and get a monetary incentive for performing well by participating in each competition.

Professional and amateur players

On August 6, the Esukan Free Fire Bangladesh Challenge will began, with players competing for a piece of the competition’s USD2,000 prize pool. The squad competition is the first eSports event in Bangladesh to bring together professional and amateur players in an online tournament on TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube will be used to webcast the event. Every week, a total of 960 teams will compete in the event, including Jawbreakers, Agent, Swag, and Xpert X, among others.

The event is accessible to all Free Fire players in Bangladesh; registration is free, and there is no entry fee for the tournaments. Players that are interested can sign up at

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