Esqueleto Mariachi Slot

Everyone loves the feeling of festivities coupled with lots of fortunes up for grab. Therefore, this online slot has gone all the way to Mexico to bring a slot game with a thrilling festival concept. Using the Mexican theme of the Day of Dead festival, the game brings an additional touch to online slots.  The game uses the actual Mariachis among its symbols and also uses these symbols as the scatter symbols during gameplay.

The festivity is not the only peculiar thing about Escueleto Mariachi as it has other features that are absent in other slot games. There are a total of 40 paylines on the reels, while there are four (4) rows with five (5) reels. This leaves players with even more potential for various winning combinations.  The game offers a brightening mood to players with the theme and complementing music to rhyme with this mood.

This online slot review will brush through the thickness of the festival slot game and reveal the bonus features, symbols as well as the numerous free spins respins that can be enjoyed while playing the game. The overall game appearance and compatibility with devices will also be outlined in the latter part of the review.

About Esqueleto Mariachi Slot

Being a distinct online slot game, it is well appreciated on various online casinos and bingo sites. And the fact that the game is a product design of Red Tigers also says a lot about the game quality and overall performance, like all Red Tiger games like Devils Number slot. The game was released in 2018, and it was based on the Day of Dead festival that is done yearly in Mexico. The three Mariachis, Guitarrista, Trompetista, and Maraquero are prominent in the festival and therefore also used as the scatter symbols for the game.

In compliance with various responsible gambling commissions, the game is safe and well-controlled by the necessary organizations. It also has medium volatility and quite reliable for anyone who wishes to spend real money playing the game. The game uses a series of features for the actual festival to create a simulation environment that makes players feel like they are in the midst of Mexico and wearing one of the skull masks, meanwhile raking in cash prizes as they make more wins.

This classic video slot also eases the burden of gameplay as it allows players to better manage their stakes and even play after with the additional features. The game can be played in demo mode, before it is played with real money. It has Turbo features too, that allow players to increase the rate at which the reels are spun, thereby making more wins and nice reward in lesser time.

How To Play Esqueleto Mariachi Slot Online

The game is played as easily as any other slots game. It has simple and easy-to-control functions that allow optimal gaming experiences without compromising the speed of play.

There are also additional features included in the game such as the help menu to help players with no experience answer questions that might confuse or simply prove difficult to understand. Below are easy steps to follow when playing this online slot game.

  •  The first step to play the game is to find a suitable online casino site, then click on the PLAY button after locating the game. The game loads and the reels and rows are ready for spinning.
  •  The next step is to choose the preferred stake or bet. The minimum stake allowed on the game is $0.20, while the highest stake allowed is $500. There is no limit to the number of times the stakes can be made though.
  • Then the next thing is to spin with the spinning button at the bottom right corner of the screen. This spins the game only once.
  • The speed of the reel spins can be increased with the TURBO mode button beside the spinning button.
  • The Auto-spin button at the bottom left corner allows players to play at a faster rate and also allows the system to continuously play the game. Once the parameter for the Automatic spins is entered, the game will continue to spin by itself and the wins are automatically added to the balance.

Unlike old land-based slot machines, the Esqueleto Mariachi slot was released a few years ago, which is why it has a range of device compatibility. It works perfectly fine on various device types. Desktop users will enjoy the wide view of the game, and the Android and iOS users have a splendid and easy-to-control game interface on their mobile devices. Tablet devices are also compatible with the mobile slots game and have hitch-free gaming performance.

Interactive Features

Even though the game has an entertaining game interface, it still manages to pack a series of interactive and special features that further boost the fun of playing video slots games. Numerous playing card symbols are simulations of the festival, but which hold bountiful coins of rewards when they appear on the reels.

There are high-value regular symbols on the game with rewards greater than the other regular bonus game symbols, such as the Skull with Candles, bottle of Tequila and Cactus, while the playing cards are the symbols that represent the  low-paying symbols. The game also has extra features such as:

Guitarrista Feature: This brings different music sound to the game and also allows more wilds to appear during the gameplay resulting in a random bonus.

Trompetista Feature:  With its trumpet, the symbol blasts music as the symbols from the reels. When these symbols leave the reels, they are replaced by new ones and there is a higher chance of making better combinations for coins and payout results.

Maraquero Feature: This is another one of the extra features, and it is the last of the skeleton musicians, and this symbol plays maracas. Its horizontal movements nudge symbols off the reels to be replaced by other symbols which depending on luck can increase the rewards from the spin called the nudge bonus.

The game’s wild symbol is the Masked Girl, which substitutes for all the other regular symbols on the game. It is also the determinant of the highest reward possible on the slot. The Musical Note symbol is one of the extra wilds too, and it substitutes for all the regular symbols on the game. Real cash prizes can be made with these combinations too as long as the player plays with real cash from the deposit.

What Button Triggers Esqueleto Mariachi Bonus Free Spins?

There are lots of free bonus spins available on this video slots game, and they can be triggered by the Mariachi scatter symbols. To land a reasonable deal of free spins, the Mariachi scatters have to appear three times on a single spin.

Paylines and Stakes

The game had a total of 40 paylines formed from the combination of the five (5) reels and four (4) rows. Their stakes range is also quite fair for players as you can make a wager as high as $500 on a single spin, while the minimum stake allowed is $0.20.

Esqueleto Mariachi Slot Game Software

As Mexican styled as the game might seem, it was designed and operated by the Red Tigers Gaming Company in 2018. With utmost consideration of the love people share for the festival and the mood it would create, the game had been designed with the concept. It is a registered game under the company which is licensed by the UKGC and the MGA for standard compliance to protocols for online casino game development.

The game runs smoothly, and it has clean graphics for the different symbols and general appearance on any type of screen resolution. The online slot developer company has also provided a selection of games on many online casinos. The game uses the random number generation (RNG) method and other slot machine strategies to ensure that players are not cheated when playing the game.

What Is Esqueleto Mariachi Slot RTP?

Esqueleto Mariachi slot has a fair return to player percentage of 96.1%, hence, players can make huge amounts on the platform without losing their cash prize or payout ratio to charges on the game

Slot Volatility

Players are always on the lookout for the volatility of slot, but this online slot has a medium-level variance, therefore it has moderate volatility. It does not pose a threat to players in terms of money lost because of its volatility level.


As it is a replica of a festival, and even though it’s not the first casino themed after the Day of Dead festival, it still stands out among the casino games. With its entertaining game interface and additional bonus features, impressive graphics, thrilling soundtrack, and overall game performance, the video slot game is one of the best out there.

There is also a fair return to player percentage as well as a huge payout of about $500,000 possible on the slot, and it is, therefore, another reason this piece from Red Tigers should be one of your favourite casino games.