Esports Technologies To Use AI To Improve Tournament Odds

Esports Technologies has submitted a provisional patent application to use artificial intelligence to generate odds models for an esports betting system.

The AI-driven odds model would be used in esports events, with the AI-driven odds model being employed both before the start of the competition and at various moments throughout the event.

Machine learning and quantitative research methodologies will be used to generate odds for a variety of esports matches and tournaments, spanning a wide range of betting markets and allowing consumers to place proposition bets at various phases of a match or event.

Bets on teams finishing in the top three of a tournament, teams finishing outside the top five, or predicting which round a team will reach are all possible wagers.

Potential industry-leading data solutions

Bart Barden, COO, Esports Technologies said: “I’m extremely proud of our quant and modelling team, which continues to develop potential industry-leading data solutions.

“Harnessing cutting-edge modelling and artificial intelligence to create the technology for this planned next-generation wagering tool demonstrates our commitment to innovation and our focus on the needs of esports enthusiasts and bettors everywhere. We continue to advance and innovate the esports wagering experience for customers.”

Esports System filed a patent for a proprietary live streaming technology in June of this year, with the objective of integrating sports and esports betting into streaming platforms like Facebook Gaming, Hulu, Twitch, and YouTube.

This year, the company – which was the first esports wagering systems provider to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker EBET – reaffirmed its commitment to anti-corruption efforts by signing a charter sponsored by the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC).

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