Esports Millions Is To Award  CS: GO Fans €1 million Jackpot

Esports data provider GRID and online betting site Unikrn have collaborated with an Esports event that is slightly different to the norm.  
The ESPORTS MILLIONS contest will give € 1 million in the coming weeks to Esports fans rather than competitors when they use the betting site of Unikrn to decide how CS:GO goes during the event show. The latest ‘9to5’ experience will see a free-to-play live prediction game taking place over weeks, with fans asking 10 questions.

Whichever fans end up in the top three places will win gaming computers for their predictions being right. If any fan scores a faultless set of predictions, they will win that million Euros to be top of the ESPORTS MILLIONS.

Thomas Warburton, Chief Operating Office of GRID, was delighted to launch the initiative, saying: “We aimed at encapsulating the excitement of a high stakes wager and combining it with friendly competition. As fans, we love to look at esports and contest the next breakout stars, ESPORTS MILLIONS hopes to take the significance of the fans’ opinion to a whole new level. We could not think of a better partner to help us premiere ESPORTS MILLIONS than Unikrn.”

Karl Flores of Unikrn, likewise enthusiastically eulogised about the partnership. He said: “Million-dollar prize pools are commonplace in esports. But this is the first time esports fans could become millionaires themselves. We host a hyper-engaged community of esports fans. Pairing GRID’s data-driven questions, our customers’ prowess, and our tips tools, we’re looking forward to a CS:GO fan making esports history.”

For the ESPORTS MILLIONS series starting on June 29th and going until September, there will be plenty of chances to point out how the CS: GO competitions go, for teams like North, MIBR, Godsent, Havu, fore, OG and Team Spirit competing.

Fans winning thanks to players is a brilliant idea and it’s awesome to see that GRID and Unikrn made this free-to-play. Fans will look forward to backing their favourites for nothing at a time when times could be tough due to the global Coronavirus pandemic. It is sure to buy plenty of new fans from Unikrn and GRID when lockdown is over and make the enforced stay at home a lot more fun for all involved as well.