ESIC Updates Ref Mountain Dew League Investigation

ESIC – The Esports Integrity Commission has reported that it is approaching the end of its inquiry into match-fixing claims relating to the Mountain Dew League (MDL) tournament series run by associate member ESEA, a subsidiary of pro-sport tournament organiser ESL.

Against ‘social media speculation,’ ESIC has released its update on its ongoing investigation into the ESEA MDL tournament that acts as a feeder series for the CS-GO Pro League of ESL.

ESIC reports that it started its investigation of the ESEA MDL series about 18 months ago, as its tournament matches prompted a series of suspicious betting warnings reported through its global integrity monitoring system.

“As of the date of this update, ESIC has conducted an extensive and ongoing investigation into the allegations of match-fixing against several parties over the past 18 months.” ESIC details in its update.

“In doing so, we have been liaising with relevant anti-corruption supporters in order to ascertain the validity of allegations by way of evidence gathering, analysis and assessment.”

ESIC underlines that the claims made by ESEA are of great concern to the sector, where the integrity unit conducts ’15 open inquiries’ relevant to the MDL collection.

ESIC notes that it uses its full range of resources and contacts to determine which players or teams could have exploited wagers during the tournament series in support of its investigation.

iIn announcing that it is nearing the ‘concluding stages of its investigation,’ ESIC intends to release a formal investigation-related report within four weeks – ‘subject to complications that may arisen in the finalisation of the investigation’.