ESIC Launch Transparent Initiative

The Esports Integrity Council (ESIC) has stated that its investigations will be aided by the launch of a new “transparent initiative” that will keep stakeholders and the general public informed about the council’s regulatory proceedings and conclusions.

The project was initiated to assist the ESIC organisation, whose integrity unit is now investigating 15 to 30 inquiries.

A new framework is needed to allow ESIC deliver public updates on continuing integrity issues that were previously limited due to a lack of constrained (but resolvable) resources.

A ESIC statement read: “ESIC is aware that the growing public interest in its activities and demand for information to be made available is something that it needs to resolve.

‘Reliable and proportionate level of insight’

“It is important that ESIC provide a reliable and proportionate level of insight into the activities it undertakes to bolster public confidence in the integrity of esports and of ESIC as its guardian.”

Moving forward, ESIC has developed a new transparency structure to address all investigative inquiries, which will be aided by ESIC’s maintenance of four public registers containing released material.

The four registries will contain precise information about public matters, ESIC sanctions, investigative appeals, and formal ESIC judgments.

The registers are part of ESIC’s 18-month project, which is expected to be finished and available by November 2021.

It concluded: “ESIC is presently in the process of expanding its resourcing capabilities in order to allow it to scale beyond the limitations previously, and currently, inhibiting full scalability.” 

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