ESIC Enlists Varsity Esports Foundation

The Varsity Esports Foundation (VEF) was enlisted as its newest member by the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC).

VEF has made a pledge through the strategic alliance to adhere to the ethical principles of the commission and anti-corruption mechanisms.

The organisation will endorse the Integrity Programme of the ESIC, which seeks to deter and prosecute all forms of cheating, such as bribery of matches and doping in competitions in esports.

Varsity Esports Foundation Executive Director, Bubba Gaeddart, commented: “The VEF is very proud to become a member of the ESIC alongside many other esports  organisations.

“Being connected to half a million scholastic gamers around the world and since one of our main initiatives is digital citizenship, we want to make sure gamers start at a young age practicing fair play while educating them about corruption and integrity. The ESIC shares our values to unite the industry to fight corruption in any form.”

VEF provides schools with financial resources, helping disenfranchised students to use esports to channel their potential and encourage the physical and mental benefits that sport can bring for young people.

ESIC will partner with the organisation on educational programmes to help the target population of VEF.

Stephen Hanna, ESIC’s Director of Global Strategy said: “We are happy to welcome the Varsity Esports Foundation into ESIC membership.

“With the  esports industry rapidly expanding and continuing to attract the interest of young people, it is becoming increasingly vital to develop safeguards and risk management measures to protect the younger demographic.

“The work that the VEF have been doing in ensuring  the safety of young gamers is commendable and we look forward to working with them  to promote high ethical standards and design educational programs that ultimately build a safer, competitive and rewarding environment for all players.”