ESIC Bans Australian eSports Players

The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) has issued bans to a group of Australian esports players as part of an ongoing inquiry into betting-related offenses.

Tiered matrix

In accordance with a ‘tiered matrix’ which analyses the severity of each individual infringement, the 35 people face competitive bans of between 12 and 60 months.

All ESIC member esports organizations, including Allied, BLAST, DreamHack, Eden, Estars, ESL, WePlay, LVP, Nodwin, Relog, UCC, Kronoverse and 247 Leagues are subject to the prohibitions.

ESIC also demanded that all non-member entities also implement its punishments because of the nature of the infringements and the possible effect it may have on esports.

Referred to police

Furthermore, ESCI has reported that the suspended players involved have been referred to the Australian police.

Anti-Corruption Code

The players were found to have breached the Anti-Corruption Code of the governing body, participating in betting-related conduct when playing on the Counter-Strike matchmaking platform ESEA in official matches.

A full report, posted on Twitter, was published by ESIC, detailing that players were found guilty of betting on ESIC member events, betting on the own matches of an individual and betting against the own team of an individual.

Safeguarding esports

A statement said: “Cooperation between ESIC and all tournament organisers in relation to anti-corruption matters are essential in the pursuit of safeguarding esports.

“We appreciate the proactive efforts of the ESEA in working with us diligently to investigate any indication of malpractice by participants within their events.

“Furthermore, ESIC would like to thank our Anti-Corruption Supporters for their collaboration on the investigation so far.”