Skywind Rolls Out New Player Engagement Tools

The Skywind Group has rolled out two fresh player participation tools as the company seeks to support its partner organisation in the context of an increasing challenge or preservation of players.

Lauded as a «new breed of player engagement tools” the gaming content supplier has implemented in-game competitions and must-win jackpots.

Through the two latest tools, the company says that it aims to boost awards while rewarding both luck and loyalty, and to create more frequent winners.

The fully configurable in-game preservation function, which boosts commitment and efficiency for players and users, also includes a range of reward kinds.

In addition, in-game screens enable players to track how their rating fluctuates on an ever-changing leaderboard, with bet range feature providing «a sense of fairness.»

Oren Cohen Shwartz, managing director of Skywind Group, commented on the importance of the new introductions: “Player engagement tools is one of the ways in which we help our partners meet the growing challenge of retaining players. We do this by considering player needs and desires, and the challenges operators face in meeting them.”

Must-win jackpots work separately from the match and can cover various matches and carriers, with players able to scoop benefits through a trifecta of jackpot settings, namely scheduled, quantity-based and split-price settings.

Shwartz added: “It’s a win for the players and a win for the operators. It gives the players an additional chance to win a reward while allowing our partners to split the promotion prize between the winner and more players upon qualifications.

“This in turn means more player traction as there are more winning options. This grants the operator better control over jackpot liquidity while leading to more loyal players.

“This is possible because we work closely with our partners to build these more exciting player engagement tools. And we are about to enrol several more soon.”