ESIC Appointed ICE London’s Esports Arena official Body

The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) has been confirmed as the official sanctioning body for the $250k CS:GO tournament in the ICE Esports Arena that takes place live on ICE London show floor (4-6 February, ExCeL London, UK).

ESIC Commissioner Ian Smith reflected on their role as the sanctioning body for the Esports Arena tournament which will be broadcast live, he said: «We are delighted to be overseeing the officiating and rules and regulations for this important event. Our partnership with Clarion provides wonderful opportunities to raise awareness about the relationship between esports and betting on esports and helping to professionalize officiating in the industry. We look forward to developing this innovation with Clarion over the next three years.»

As part of the work of the sanctioning body, ESIC will provide player information on key risk areas of competitive integrity like cheating match-fixing, and doping throughout the competition. ESIC will also provide additional referee support to supervise the administration of the tournament and ensure ESIC compliance during the tournament process.

ICE London 2020 will also see the ESIC becoming a Supporting Partner that interfaces across Clarion’s market-leading events and services portfolio. Clarion Gaming Head of esports, William Harding, and Stephen Hanna, Director of Global Strategy and Partnerships at the Esports Integrity Commission, will sign the three-year deal at the ICE Esports Arena.

William Harding, in heralding the deal, stated: «In recent years esports and gambling have become inextricably interwoven. Inherently very different industries, esports has a very protective and authentic user base. A respectful and tailored approach from the gambling sector is required in order to support fast growth within the sector.

«ESIC is quickly becoming a leading guiding force for the international esports industry, delivering a comprehensive range of services that significantly prevent foul play. In my opinion, tournament organisers who operate in the gambling sector need to hold themselves to a very high standard. Fair gameplay is essential for operators to function commercially within this space.

«Our stakeholders based throughout the world look to Clarion Gaming to provide a platform for insightful, expert analysis and we are delighted to now be working alongside one of the leading authorities on esports.»

Stephen Hanna, Director of Global Strategy and Partnerships at the Esports Integrity Commission, echoed those sentiments and added: «Clarion Gaming has a reputation for delivering professional and well-executed business-to-business events for the gambling industry. ESIC is excited to enter into this partnership which will see us working with Clarion to ensure that esports is authentically represented at their events, in a way that is helpful to both industries. By doing so, ESIC will continue to safeguard the integrity of esports on a global scale.»