EPIC And Kindbridge To Focus On Disadvantaged US Groups

EPIC Risk Management has partnered with Kindbridge, a problem gambling rehab firm, to focus on disadvantaged groups in the United States.

The provision of assistance to students and aspiring athletes around the United States is of special interest to the duo, given the heightened risk of problem gambling in this population.

A trusted path

To the above communities, as well as other vulnerable individuals, the collaboration aims to provide a trusted path for care, information, and preventive strategies.

According to the Business Research Company, there was a 225 percent rise in first-time gamblers between March and October 2020 in the United States, and both Kindbridge and EPIC are worried that this would have an effect on gambling addiction rates, which are still elevated in the United States.

Risk of gambling addiction

Furthermore, the National Council on Problem Gambling reported in 2016 that up to 5.45 million Americans are at risk of having an addiction to gambling.

EPIC Risk Management’s VP of US Policy and Strategic Development, Brianne Doura-Schawohl said: “Kindbridge and EPIC share many values and approaches to reducing gambling-related harm.

“EPIC believes that everyone who is struggling with gambling addiction issues should be able to access support and treatment, and Kindbridge’s tailored approach to supporting patient experience means we are proud to call them a partner moving forward.”

EPIC also collaborates with a number of national sports organisations, including the NFLPA Professional Athletes Foundation, which has provided instructional programming to more than 40 NCAA Division 1 universities.

 Detection of disadvantaged clients

The preventive experts at the company provide education, information, preparation, and consulting services focused on personal experience. Furthermore, the firm partners closely with betting and casino companies to help with the detection of disadvantaged clients and their contact with them, using trigger points in the gambling experience.

Kindbridge’s CEO, Daniel Umfleet, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to combine the world-class education and training efforts that EPIC provides with the power of a specialist mental health clinic whose aim is to become the first virtual centre of excellence dedicated to high-quality, evidence-based gambling and gaming treatment outcomes.”

Kindbridge is a teletherapy firm that specialises in providing therapy-led services to individuals suffering from gambling and gaming addictions. The programme collaborates with large American insurance companies to offer mental health assistance to problem gamblers, including Medicare, United Healthcare, and Aetna.

The group’s main goal is to establish ‘the largest network of mental health treatment providers in the United States that focuses on high quality care for gambling and gaming communities.’