Entain Announce Problem Gambling Awareness Month Initiatives

Entain, a global sports betting and gaming company, has announced a series of programmes in support of Problem Gambling Awareness Month, which runs from March 1 to March 31 in the United States.

The efforts are part of the company’s dedication to provide its consumers around the world with the best and most trusted betting and gaming experience possible. The Entain Foundation, a non-profit organisation, has made significant investments in the study, prevention, and care of negative habits, as well as in teaching and supporting sports integrity.

Eighth Annual Gambling Disorder Screening Day

Entain is sponsoring the Eighth Annual Gambling Disorder Screening Day at the Division on Addiction, Cambridge Health Alliance, in collaboration with BetMGM, the joint venture it runs with MGM Resorts.

Individuals may use the event’s tools, which include an online evaluation toolkit, to see whether they’re showing habits that put them at risk of damage. Customers in the United States will hear about the screening day from BetMGM, and customers in the United Kingdom will hear about it from Entain’s Ladbrokes and Coral labels.

Nevada Council on Problem Gambling

Entain has since been a sponsoring Platinum organisational affiliate of the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling. The non-profit Council was established in September 1984 to act as an advocate, education resource, and provider of programmes and services to individuals and families in Nevada who are troubled by problem gambling.

The company has expressed its support for a national study in the United States with collaborators NAADGS, EPIC Risk Management, and Kindbridge to determine the level of current provision and support for people in the states who may classify as having gambling-related disorders.

Responsible gambling initiatives

Senior Vice President for American Regulatory Affairs & Responsible Gambling, Martin Lycka, stated: “It is our ambition, with our partners and support from BetMGM, to provide the most comprehensive portfolio of responsible gambling initiatives, partnerships and services in the gaming entertainment sector in the United States.

“We are proud of our commitment and will continue our leadership in serving this vital area.”

Entain is undertaking several programmes on responsible gambling with Harvard Medical School professors at the Division on Addiction, with whom it has a five-year research study underway into addiction drivers.

Protecting people at risk

The software covers all aspects of sports betting and gambling, including guidelines for activity markers that can be used to help protect people that are at risk. Entain is the first company to take a technology-driven, pragmatic approach to helping people who are vulnerable.

Entain’s accountability and player security programmes have recently extended to benefit relevant markets, including online games and esports, earlier this year. Ses programmes are being delivered in collaboration with NAADGS, Kindbridge, and EPIC Risk Management.

Entain is now collaborating with organisations to contribute to the APGSA (Association of Problem Gambling Service Administrators) survey’s next version. The poll, which was last completed in 2016, is the most widely quoted research in congressional discussions on responsible betting and gambling in the United States.