Enjoy General Manager Rodrigo Larran Resigns With Immediate Effect

Rodrigo Larran, the General Manager of Enjoy, a Chilean gambling company, has resigned with immediate effect. The decision comes exactly one month after former Enjoy President Javier Martnez’s resignation became effective.

The Chilean company’s Board of Directors confirmed that Eliseo Gracia Martnez, the current COO, will serve as temporary General Manager until July 1, following which a permanent candidate will be chosen.

New professional challenges

According to Larran’s statement, the managerial move stems from his intention to “take on new professional challenges.” It also comes after the GM oversaw the casino operator’s restructure.

The company raised $40 million in convertible bonds and warrants throughout the process, which took place between March 11 and April 16. Enjoy had to lower its debt levels by turning 70 percent of that cash into shares in order to get the funding. The $40 million indicates market confidence in the reorganisation, according to the firm.

Employees were notified of the changes in a letter from Henry Comber, Chairman of the Board of Directors, who assured them that “this initial period has been extraordinarily motivating.”

“We have a tremendously strong team, with professional and disciplined business units with high standards. Without a doubt, Larraín’s departure saddens us since we all know Rodrigo is a great professional,” he added.

“On behalf of the entire board of directors, I want to thank Rodrigo for the important work carried out together with his team during all these years and in particular for having successfully led one of the most challenging and transcendent periods of the company.

“[He left] the company in a position of financial strength, which makes us look to the future with very good prospects to resume the path of growth and leadership that Enjoy has always had in the region.”

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