Emojiplanet Slot

Whether you are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or simply texting on your Android or iPhone device, you’ve almost certainly used emojis in textual communication at this point. There are now over 1,000 different symbols that fall under this umbrella, which once numbered under 80.

Although the notion began with mobile phones in Japan in the 1990s, these pictographs are now used worldwide, and comprehending them is nearly a need for internet communication.

Emojiplanet by NetEnt, a new slot machine developed by the online casino software company in the summer of 2017, is based on its omnipresent nature, which has spawned numerous media projects based on these smileys. It’s chock-full of all the characters and drawings you’ve seen a million times while messaging with friends and scrolling through your Twitter feed – except this time, you’ll be able to win by clumping bunches of these emojis together into large enough groups.

To learn everything about the Emojiplanet slot by NetEnt, from its current active casino bonuses to its minimum and maximum wagers, as well as its game symbols, read this review till the end!

About Emojiplanet Slot Game

Unlike most casino slot machines, the Emojiplanet video slot does not follow the typical format found at most casinos. Instead, this is a cluster-pays game in which you must play on a 5×6 grid. Because there are no paylines or reels in the classic sense, winning combinations can appear anywhere on the reels or the screen. Instead, you want to create groups of symbols that are all the same in some way. A winning combination includes five or more clusters related to one another — that is, each cluster touches at least two other clusters vertically or horizontally – with larger clusters providing more rewards.

Undoubtedly, emojis serve as the basis for all of the symbols in this game, divided into two categories. Hearts, explosives, pizza, kisses, and a rocket are among the lower-paying characters, each of whom has an additional role that we’ll go over in further detail later on in this article. Each of these symbols, including the mound of faeces and the face with tears of pleasure, is a high-paying sign in the game. If you get five of these icons in a row on the screen, you’ll earn 2x your spin wager (40 coins at the lowest betting level), or you might win up to 500x your stake if you manage to fill all 30 spots on the screen with this symbol at the same time. There are also wild symbols available, which may be used to complete winning groups by replacing them with any other icon on the reels.

This game also incorporates the usage of cascading reels as an element. When you receive one or more wins, the winning symbols will be removed from the screen, and new ones will appear to take their place on the screen. If you are successful in your endeavours, this pattern will repeat itself. Keep collecting wins and unlocking additional icons until you reach a screen where there are no more winning combos to be had!

How To Play Emojiplanet Slot Online

Emojiplanet, unlike other slot games, is simple and easy to play.

  • Log in to your preferred online casino
  • Select “Emojiplanet”
  • Select the “Options” tab to view your deposit balance
  • Use the “Coin Value” buttons to adjust the coin’s size, and it ranges from 0.01 to 1. A total of 200 coins are available for use in a single bet.
  • After placing your bet, select the Spin button

Interactive Features

A pair of blue hearts, a slice of pizza, a bomb, a kiss, a poo, a rocket, an alien, and a face laughing with tears are popular emojis that appear as symbols on the reels. To make a cluster, at least 5 identical symbols must be adjacent on the reels — vertically or horizontally. The laughing face is the highest paying symbol, and players who obtain a cluster of 30 laughing faces will win the jackpot of 10,000 coins.

The image of a yellow star serves as the game’s Wild symbol, replacing all other icons. The Wild star does not generate combinations on its own, but it does assist players in forming larger clusters and completing a nearly complete combination. In Emojiplanet, there are no other special symbols, and there isn’t much of a need for them.

Game Symbols

With each symbol on the grid having a different value, Emojiplanet is a video slot that emphasizes special features and rewards. The symbols include:

  • Blue Hearts – pays 5, 40, 560, 1800 coins per cluster
  • Bomb – pays 5, 40, 560, 1800 coins per cluster
  • Pizza Slice – pays 10, 50, 600, 2000 coins per cluster
  • Kiss – pays 10, 50, 600, 2000 coins per cluster
  • Rocket – pays 10, 50, 600, 2000 coins per cluster
  • Poo – pays 20, 100, 900, 4500 coins per cluster
  • Alien – pays 30, 120, 1000, 5000 coins per cluster
  • Laughing with Tears – pays 40, 200, 2000, 10000 coins per cluster

Bonus Features

Free spins and Wilds are featured in Emojiplanet Slot, which is responsible for various in-game bonuses. Here are the bonus features in Emojiplanet:

  • Emojiplanet Bomb Feature: In this feature, 8 random symbols on the reels explode, and players are awarded a cash payoff ranging from 5 to 100 times their original bet amount for each sign that is destroyed
  • Emojiplanet Pizza Feature: When the Pizza Feature is triggered, a 33-cluster of a random symbol (other than the Wilds) appears on the reels, earning an instant payout and providing the opportunity to form a larger cluster of the same sort
  • Emojiplanet Kiss Mark Feature: When this game feature is activated, three Sticky Wild symbols appear on the reels and remain in place until each one completes a winning combination three times
  • Emojiplanet Rocket Feature: When the Rocket Feature is triggered, ten Stacked Wilds appear on the reels and above them, forming winning combos
  • Emojiplanet Two Heart Feature: When the Two Hearts Feature is activated, a total win is increased by the number of times the hearts meter has been filled plus one. This means that the total winnings won by players are multiplied twice.

What Symbol Triggers Emojiplanet Slot Bonus Free Spins?

There are no free spins in the Emojiplanet slot; however, players can still enjoy the game by using the avalanche and symbol features to win more payouts.

Read more about 50 free spins here.

Paylines and Stakes

Emojiplanet slot has no payline but uses cluster pays, which means players have more ways of winning. Emojiplanet slot machine has a betting range of £0.20 to £200.

Emojiplanet Slot Game Software

The NetEnt software offers players the most up-to-date audio and visual gaming technology. Net Entertainment is one of the major organizations with a high rate of players accessing games in-browser, through a conventional downloading client, or in a cost-free Flash environment, thanks to spectacular graphical solutions released and custom animations.

With a 95% average return-to-player rate, NetEnt provides many benefits and options to high rollers in the industry, including VIP programs, huge stakes, and specialized offers, such as the NetEnt casino no deposit bonus.

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What is Emojiplanet RTP?

Emojiplanet has a return to player percentage of 96.4%, which is above the average of 95% but is not high for an online slots game. Thanks to its high RTP, players should be able to win frequently.

Slot Volatility

Emojiplanet is one of the hottest medium volatility slots from NetEnt, featuring an excellent Cluster pays pattern and some enormous winnings that can be gained with bonus features.


Overall, Emoji Planet, a NetEnt video slot, isn’t your usual online casino game. The release is one of the most exciting casino games due to its humorous, lighthearted approach, including the goofy symbols and the Cluster Pay system.

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