Elys Game Technology Joins NCPG

As the organisation prepared for its first U.S. deployment, social gaming and sports betting software company Elys Game Technology joined the National Council on Problem Gambling.

Elys Game Technology says it has joined the NCPG to further the creation and adoption of responsible gambling practices with its sports betting platform imminently set to debut within the region.

Ahead of the US deployment

Michele Ciavarella, Elys Game Technology chairman and CEO, explained: “As we prepare our first US deployment in Washington DC, we are delighted to become a member of NCPG and support their invaluable work in addressing the critical and widespread need for responsible gambling practices.

“We are proud to join forces with the esteemed board of directors, members and stakeholders of NCPG to develop and promote national US industry standards in responsible gaming, including the safer sports betting initiative and internet responsible gambling standards, which provide critical player services and protections.

“There is no bigger responsibility for us than ensuring the best and safest possible experience for our gambling operators and their players, while providing assistance for those individuals who show signs of problem gambling behaviour.

“Partnering with NCPG further deepens our commitment to become a leader in responsible gaming and provides us valuable resources as we are preparing for the launch of our sports betting platform in the US.”

NCPG is a leading US non-governmental agency that acts as the national spokesperson for programs and services to support individuals and families impacted by gambling problems.

Support through NCPG membership

Elys will support the group’s wide-ranging problem gambling prevention, recovery, education, and study services, as well as creative accountable gambling policies, through its NCPG membership.

Keith Whyte, NCPG’s Executive Director, added: “We are excited that Elys has become a member of NCPG, as they bring extensive experience around engaging with millions of players across their sports betting and igaming platforms.

“Elys’ broad reach and commitment to responsible gambling will be a tremendous asset to NCPG as we continue raising awareness about problem gambling and the resources available to support those impacted. We look forward to working together with Elys to increase our mutual understanding of player behaviour and reduce the risks for gambling problems.”