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Read through this electric review of Electro Bingo from none other than Microgaming. Find out what this slot has to offer and how to get stuck into the action!

Electro Bingo is brought to you by Microgaming. Bingo is the kind of game that everyone knows, but not everyone might know how to play it. There are some common misconceptions about the bingo game, and people may think it is boring or that only older adults or senior citizens can be bingo players. Microgaming’s Electro Bingo is proof that bingo can be fun, exciting and youthful.

The theme of Electro Bingo might be a retro style with neon signs and lights. This is not a game for the elderly. Electro Bingo is more than just a simple number game. This brightly coloured bingo game gives players chances of winning up to 200,000x your bet! Keep reading if you are interested in knowing more about this bingo game.

About Electro Bingo Game

Electro Bingo is set like any other bingo casino games found at online casinos and slots such as Exotic Cats. Players can use 1 to 4 bingo cards per game with prices from one pound to five.

The bingo cards contain a grid of 15 numbers, set in a 5×3 design. 

The theme of this game is a 70’s style classic game with flashing neon signs and tubes, glowing green bingo balls and a colourful interface. The four bingo cards are displayed in pairs on the screen in black, while the numbers in the grid are white. When a player wins on one of the 14 fixed paylines displayed at the top of the screen, the numbers on that payline turn red. These easy to identify colours make the game visible to players. The bingo balls with the winning numbers are lined up at the bottom of the reels, encased in a tube that glows with neon green.

The design and gameplay of Electro Bingo will appeal to both avid bingo players and newcomers. 

How to Play Electro Bingo Online

Playing Electro Bingo is not tricky, and it follows all of the main rules of bingo playing and casino gambling at the core.

  • Players get their bingo cards which contain 15 numbers, while the game of bingo itself has 60 numbered balls.
  • Players can set how many cards they would like to play with alongside the amount they would like to bet from the wide range of betting options.
  • The buttons to adjust the wager size are located at the bottom of the screen.
  • When the player presses the play button, 30 green balls drop one at a time and land at the game viewing area, which is located at the bottom.
  • Players can change their cards before the game begins, but this is no longer allowed once the game has started.
  • As each ball lands, the numbers that may match with any numbers on a player’s card are added to their balance.
  • The game comes with fixed patterns of winning combinations displayed at the top of the screen. Players can make multiple wins with a single bingo card as long as the winning combination patterns that cause these wins do not intersect.

Can Electro Bingo be played on all mobile and gaming devices such as smartphones and tablet devices? You can also play it on laptops and desktops. It does not require any gaming equipment to be played, and it is an online slot. Electro Bingo can be played at online casinos such as 32Red Casino and Royal Vegas Casino. 

Interactive Features

Four Cards Gaming: One thing that makes Electro Bingo stand out from other electronic gaming machines is that in this bingo game, players can play with up to four bingo cards at the same time. This allows players to have a more significant chance of winning as they play multiple games.

Buying Extra Balls: If a player is only one ball away from making a match, the game will offer them a second chance by allowing them to buy extra balls. The game alerts players, letting them know when they are in this situation, and this offer is being made to them. There is only one ball for buying available per time, and players can buy a maximum of 10 additional balls before a bingo game reaches its conclusion.

Changing Cards: Electro Bingo allows players to change their bingo cards before pressing the play button. This feature gives players an option to choose a card they feel most likely to win, increasing their chances and putting some control in their hands as bingo is a game of chance. 

Game Symbols

The game does not feature any special symbols but instead has 14 different combination patterns. The highest of these gives players a payout of 20,000x their initial bet. The following payouts depend on how players daub the grid and the locations of the numbers left untouched. The amounts of the 14 paylines are as follows: 1500x, 750x 500x, 300x, 200x, 100x, 75x, two paylines that yield 40x, 10x and three paylines that yield 3x of a player’s initial bet. 

Bonus Features

Though Electro Bingo can be called a charitable bingo, if using that word generously, there are no more bonus features than those already mentioned. Many casino games will have bonus games or other bonus features besides the base game, but Electro is not one of those.

What Symbol Triggers Electro Bingo Bonus Free Spins?

Electro Bingo does not offer players bonus free spins, unfortunately. 

Paylines and Stakes

Electro Bingo features 14 different payout patterns, and stakes can be set at 0.10 to 5.00 credits per card.

Electro Bingo Game Software

Microgaming is a leading developer in the i-gaming industry. They have over 2000 slot games available, a vast collection of table games, bingo games and many other games of chance. They offer a wide selection of both conventional and unconventional casino-style gaming software. The company is based in the United Kingdom and offers gaming software to operators globally. Microgaming is responsible for some of the most popular slot machines, video slots and any other form of gambling in the casino gaming industry.

Electro Bingo is a product of Microgaming, which also leads products such as:

What is Electro Bingo RTP?

Most casino games that come in video forms will have a return to player percentage listed. The RTP lets players know how much of their bet they can expect back from the game. The RTP of Electro Bingo has not been documented, but from the paylines and stakes, we can see that it has a decent yield of rewards with good cash prizes for the bet amounts.

Slot Volatility

The volatility of Electro Bingo has not been documented either. As bingo is one of many casino games of chance, it might not be easy to tell its volatility. However, players can see that wins come relatively often from playing the game, and the jackpot prices are decently sized.


Bingo is a game of chance, and Electro Bingo is no different. The game does not take on the traditional appearance of bingo but instead aims to make the game look more exciting and approachable with bright colours and themes. It takes players out of the old bingo cage and puts them in a new landscape. This bingo game does not do many new or innovative things as it sticks to the traditional methods of playing bingo. However, some of the features and bonuses take it to the next level, making it more exciting than a classic bingo game and keeping players engaged throughout the game.

Electro Bingo is fun and easy to play and understand. It is one to be recommended to both newcomers to bingo gaming and longtime bingo players. 

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