Eight Sri Lankan Police Officers Found Assisting Illegal Gamblers

Eight police officers in Sri Lanka have been found to be offering help to inmates detained for illegal gambling and are now going to pay for their actions.

The eight officers, one of whom is the Divisional Anti-Corruption Unit (DACU) Officer with Chilaw Police Headquarters, were banned for their involvement in arranging the release of a group of suspects who had been busted for conducting an illegal gambling operation out of a hotel in Wennappuwa.

Twenty individuals allegedly participated in the operation, but only nine were detained. The others were permitted to leave, rather than being taken by the policemen downtown.

The DACU inspector, a police sergeant, five constables and a constable driver are now all looking at fees for their participation. After a tip was provided to the office of the Nattandiya Assistant Police Superintendent, they were discovered to have shirked their duties thanks to police inquiry.

That inquiry disclosed that money was supposedly extorted from the suspects by the policemen concerned. It is also alleged they took money that the individuals had in their possesion when the officers carried out  action on September 6th.

Sri Lanka has been working hard to clean up the nation and eliminate it from illegal gambling. It is a challenging job that can be readily characterised as similar to chopping off a Hydra’s head–losing one and three more appear. Nevertheless, most law enforcement officers are prepared to go the extra mile and carry out their responsibilities according to the law.

That behaviour has its benefits, but it also has its disadvantages. Police raided an illegal gambling establishment in Kalutara last July and were not pleased at all with either the operators or the gamblers. Three policemen raided the facility, but nearly everyone current assaulted the facility. As a result of the assault, two of the police officers ended up in the hospital and everyone got away except for one individual.

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