EGBA Welcomes EC Policy To Improve Digital Single Market

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA), outlined in its 2020 work programme, welcomed the policy of the European Commission that aims to improve the digital single market.

The Commission outlined its plans to improve the efficiency of the single market in its work programme, especially for online consumers.

Maarten Haijer, Secretary General of EGBA said: “EGBA welcomes the Commission’s commitment to making the single market work for online consumers. More than 16.5 million Europeans bet online but their rights are not protected by any EU rules. It is time to bring the EU’s approach to online gambling into the 21st century – the Commission should act.”

The EGBA put particular emphasis on the Commission’s determination to publish a new Digital Services Act, a Single Market Barriers Report and an Action Plan to implement Single Market Regulations in 2020.

It has also indicated that the Commission would consider including as part of its plan a review of its approach to online gambling.

The EGBA said in a statement posted on its website: “With more than 16.5 million Europeans betting online, there is clearly a need for a more consistent EU policy towards this cross-border sector worth €22.2 billion and growing by 10% each year.

“For instance, the Commission never followed up on its 2014 recommendation on consumer protection and responsible advertising for online gambling – which has been implemented fully by only one EU member state[1] – leaving many EU betting consumers exposed to inadequate levels of consumer protection online.”