EGBA Underlines Support During Ongoing COVID-19 Crisis


The Brussels-based group, representing online gambling at EU level, urges operators to address political concerns by ensuring customers wager in private, accessible environments.

Reflecting demands from national trade bodies, the EGBA notes it rejects the use of Coronavirus ads as a way to communicate with customers.

Supporting national regulators and their industry partners, the EGBA has released new guidelines ensuring that European licenced operators uphold the highest standards as customers are put in self-isolation or lockdown.

Beyond adopting tighter advertisement practises, the EGBA encourages operators to improve player activity tracking while ensuring that all websites adhere to safer gaming resources and deposit wagering limits.

If operators need more clarification on upholding player safety standards, the EGBA advises incumbents to refer to EU 478/2014 online gambling consumer security directives.

In it’s closing statement, the EGBA detailed: “We urge online gambling companies to share this information to any affiliate companies they work with and to ensure their brands are not being promoted in an unethical and socially irresponsible manner.”