Effort To Regulate Chile’s Sports Betting Nearing Completion

According to the Chilean Ministry of Finance, a draft rule controlling internet gambling and sports betting is nearing completion and will be presented to Congress soon. According to official estimates, the plan will be deliberated in the next weeks.

The Executive Branch announced at the start of 2021 that guidelines would be set to manage the sector, which is now growing.

According to Diario Financiero, the project’s Undersecretariat of Finance has affirmed that it will create “a competitive and transparent online betting market which will protect the health and safety of the players.”

The rule would also “will prevent the participation of minors, increase tax collection and make the source and destination of the resources obtained through these platforms transparent.”

Furthermore, representatives from various political parties have expressed support for the regulation, claiming that “there are enough [votes] in the Senate to move forward.”

Senator Rabindranath Quinteros, who believes the industry may bring in at least $200 million to the state, stated: “Several news outlets already allow these virtual casinos to advertise. There are even open TV programs dedicated solely and exclusively to developing games of chance.

“Meanwhile, the illegal online gambling market is growing exponentially, even more so with the ban that casinos have been subject to because of the pandemic.”

The Casino Marina del Sol Chillán will reopen this week as the Chilean city of Chillán enters Phase 3 of its rebuilding process. Although the casino has been given permission to open, it will only be open from Monday through Sunday until 10 p.m., when a curfew will be imposed.

Marina del Sol’s corporate manager of UX and Marketing, Ester Ramrez Herrera, said: “Gaming tables will be open, but with less options. We’ll offer blackjack, poker, roulette, bingo and all machines will also be open.”

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