Dutch Online Gambling Market GGR Expected To Top €1bn by 2025

The KOA Act is predicted to have a significant impact on the Dutch internet market, with the industry estimated to exceed €1 billion in revenue by 2025.

Total Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) for the Dutch online gambling market hit €424 million in 2019, according to the ‘Netherlands Betting Focus’ report published by BtoBet this month – a figure that is significantly lower than the €2.27 billion in GGR recorded for the land-based sector.

However, researchers forecast that the internet market would create €513 million in GGR in 2021 and €1.27 billion by 2025, with researchers forecasting that the sector will create €1.27 billion by 2025.

Remaining largely retail in the short term

While online growth is projected, BtoBet admits that the Netherlands is “expected to remain largely retail in the short term and is projected expected to follow the growth trend registered in the French market.”

According to the findings, there is currently a “significant difference” between the casino and sports betting industries in the Netherlands. This disparity was “further highlighted in the land-based sector, where casino dominates in terms of GGR generated,” according to BtoBet.

Online sector

The following was taken from the report: “On the other hand this market share diminishes in the online sector, with forecasts foreseeing the gap between the two sectors to further decrease after the regularisation of the online market.

“H2’s statistics assume that the introduction of the KOA law will have little influence on the size of the land-based casino sector, with the dip for the land-based casino sector in 2020 not linked to the introduction of the KOA Act, but to the measures implemented related to the Covid-19 pandemic, and which resulted in the closure of the casinos and retail gambling shops.

“At the same time the statistics indicate that whilst the sports betting sector enjoys a greater market share in the online rather than in land-based channels, the market is still dominated by the casino vertical, and this trend is expected to be maintained even after the introduction of the KOA Act.”

The KOA Act was supposed to become law on July 1, 2020, which would indicate that the Dutch online market may operate in January 2021. This date has been moved back due to the epidemic. Those having a Dutch online gambling licence will be able to operate as of October 1st.

You can read the whole report HERE. for more information on the Dutch gambling market and BtoBet solutions for enhancing player engagement.

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