Dutch Gov Advised By IBIA And Bet 365 To Not Limit Betting Sales

Published: 25th September 2019
Author: Joe Kizlauskas
Last Updated: 2nd January 2023

A wide variety of betting stakeholders have recommended the Dutch government not limit betting sales and instead enforce reasonable in-play wagering strategies, as the Netherlands planned to enter its controlled online gambling market in 2021.

Industry requests have been rendered public as the Dutch Government completes its consultation on draft legislation to regulate distant gambling facilities.

Seventeen sector statements have been released, with the bulk of stakeholders underlining issues about banned bet kinds imposed on certified internet sportsbook providers.

In February, the Dutch Government released a draft structure of its’ Remote Gambling Bill’ to modernise the Netherlands’ legislative frameworks for online gambling facilities.

As far as sports betting is concerned, Dutch policymakers have made several in-game wagering restrictions on the protection of sports and the integrity of athletes.

These limitations include preventing certified bookmakers from making head-to-head bets and a significant reduction in’ in-play’ bet-types for football and tennis economies, such as next throw-in, foul, corner bets or tennis bets.

The European sector trade agency, the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA), presented a challenge to wagering constraints, stating that the Dutch government’s regulations were baseless as they would not serve to safeguard sport ethics issues.

As far as tennis is concerned, the IBIA points out that the market is dominated by’ 80% of bets placed through in-play wagering,’ a dynamic that the Dutch officials should recognise as they try to enforce an efficient structure by 2021.

IBIA informs policymakers that constraints on the football and tennis industries will contribute to the burden of tracking national customers who may choose to wager with unlicensed bookmakers running full live betting capabilities.

“The importance of meeting the needs of modern-day consumers in a globally competitive marketplace should not be underestimated” The IBIA states “It is important to recognise that these markets are very popular, especially in the growing in-play product range.”

IBIA’s worries are communicated by bet365, which recommends the Dutch Government to give ‘ the widest possible product range on sports betting ‘ which, in turn, will allow integrity stakeholders to create the most extensive cooperation structure for capturing poor players.

“Unless the authorities allow operators to offer the widest possible product range, it will become increasingly difficult to capture and report on suspicious betting activity throughout the regulated market,” warns bet365.

As Europe’s major internet bookmaker, bet365 underlines that the Dutch government will be better served by creating cooperative reporting frameworks and processes between sportsbooks and national agencies.

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