DSWV Express Disappointment At Sportsbook License Suspension

The German Sports Betting Association (DSWV) expressed its disappointment after obtaining confirmation that, until further notice, the Darmstadt Administrative Court had suspended the national sports betting authorisation process.

The decision came after an Austrian betting company argued that there was no open and non-discriminatory licencing process.

DSWV President Mathias Dahms commented on news: “The decision of the court is a big blow to our members. Even though we were promised concessions by the legislator back in 2012, an early approval, which should have been made possible by the State Treaty on Gaming, which has been in effect since the beginning of the year, is now once again in the stars.

“It is particularly annoying that there could have been permits for a long time. The Gambling College has not been able to reach an agreement for weeks, even though decisions that were ready for decision were on the table. This body of 16 officials from the state ministries is responsible for the final release of the permits.”

The situation, which Dahms has described as ‘evitable,’ is unsatisfactory for all concerned.

He went on: “Sports betting providers in Germany are once again denied access to a regulated market and thus legal certainty. The applicants have once again invested a lot of effort and energy into the process and prepared for the regulated market.

“I also feel sorry for the employees in the Hessian Ministry of the Interior and the Darmstadt Regional Council, who have been very committed in the past few months to finally make the approval process a success. We hope that the authorities can continue to issue permits quickly.”