DSWV Chairman Urges Rethink Of Gambling Treaty Draft


Mathias Dahms, Chairman of the German Sports Betting Association (DSWV), urged Bundesrat officials to withdraw the ‘agreed’ limits on online sports betting from the inbound 2021′ Fourth State Interstate treaty on Gambling.’

Representing DSWV leaders, Dahms says sports betting industry controls and in-play limitations will clearly be ‘proven as ineffective for a digital age’.

Despite amending provisions of the Interstate Treaty to allow online casino services. Germany’s 16 Lander (states) enforced controversial sports betting policies, including restricting player deposits to € 1000 a month and limiting game wagering in-play.

Dahms advises Lander executives to reconsider the online sports betting policies and standards to shield German customers from black market operators.

He said: “A rigid set of rules that cannot be changed in the next few years will neither help player protection nor will it push back the black market that will continue to exist in the future.”

In his statement Dahms stresses that, should the German market open in July 2021, existing mechanisms fail to secure an adequate level of customer channelisation to controlled business services.

Advising stakeholders, Dahm advises the Bundesrat to prepare a’ transitional regulatory framework’ to fulfil its’ channel demands’ –to protect consumers from online gambling and to safeguard its emerging marketplace.

“Certified and reliable sports betting providers should not have to switch off their gaming products by 2021 and leave them to the black market providers,” Dahms continued. “In the meantime, customers will not stop playing and should rather be able to do so in a protected area of reliable providers.”


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