DraftKings Sign Historic UFC Sports Betting Partnership

DraftKings, a DFS and sportsbook operator, has been named the UFC’s first ever Official Sportsbook and Daily Fantasy Partner in the United States and Canada, according to a ground-breaking agreement revealed Thursday.

The sports media and entertainment corporation will be able to provide in-game ads, activations, in-broadcast odds integrations, and UFC branding through its daily fantasy and betting brands, as well as use official UFC marks and logos.

DraftKings will also offer free-to-play UFC games, as well as improved prop bets and other sportsbook options, on a weekly basis. In advance of UFC 259 on March 6, the organisation has unveiled a $10K free-to-play UFC pool for fans to participate and engage in around the country.

Increasing engagement with fans

UFC President Dana White said: “This is a massive deal that will benefit UFC, DraftKings, and most of all the fans.

“DraftKings is the best at what they do in the betting and daily fantasy space, and unlike other sports, UFC has no off season. The action will be non-stop for fans of UFC and DraftKings. 

“This is the most important deal we’ve ever done to increase engagement with our fans and reach new ones, and I’m looking forward to all the exciting things we’re going to do with DraftKings over the next few years.” 

DraftKings Co-Founder, CEO, and Executive Chairman Jason Robins said: “Combat sports, and UFC in particular, have scaled significantly across both our sportsbook and daily fantasy verticals, evolving from a niche offering to a high-demand category that we believe will only grow further as we innovate. 

“While DraftKings and UFC have previously collaborated on specific events, we are proud to become official partners and explore even more impactful integrations that prioritise the fan experience.” 

DraftKings experienced significant development in both UFC daily fantasy and sports betting in 2020, breaking new business benchmarks on several fronts. To keep up with the critical mass of consumer demand, the company offered two MMA Millionaire competitions for the first time, and it expects to offer even more contests in 2021.

UFC Fight Clock

DraftKings will now become the presenting partner of the UFC Fight Clock, the UFC’s latest, exclusive, and creative time-keeping scheme, as part of the contract revealed today. The UFC Fight Clock uses cutting-edge technologies, like the world’s most portable high-definition displays, to provide the most precise time-keeping device in combat sports to fighters and fans.

The UFC Fight Clock is built directly into the UFC’s development technology, enabling fighters, spectators, and officials in the arena to display the same round-by-round countdown clock as viewers watching the show. On UFC’s world-famous Octagon, up to four UFC Fight Clocks can be shown, offering fighters a glimpse of at least one clock from any vantage point.

DraftKings will have a branded appearance on the Octagon canvas at select UFC events and during Dana White’s Contender Series as part of the deal with UFC. Furthermore, the operator will have various sponsorship integrations within UFC content on both traditional and digital formats, including live streams and pay-per-views, social media assets, and programming on UFC FIGHT PASS, the world’s largest combat sports streaming site.