DraftKings Release Australian Rules Football DFS For AFL Season

DraftKings has released an Australian Rules Football daily fantasy sports programme for the Australian market, in an effort to reach out to a broader audience ahead of the start of the Australian Football League (AFL) season on March 18.

DraftKings will hold an exclusive opening night DFS tournament to kick off the AFL’s new season, with a top reward of AUS $85,000 (€55,000), the highest player prize in ‘Australian DFS history.’

In addition, the promoter has increased the prize pool for all of its AFL opening round tournaments by AUS $200,000 (€130,000).

The current AFL consumers of the US-based sports betting company will be enticed by a slew of new game and championship technologies that will appear over the duration of the league’s 31-week season.

Broadening its global sports DFS portfolio

DraftKings has been involved in the Australian DFS industry since 2018, despite being best known for its DFS and sports betting operations in the United States. With the addition of Aussie Rules (AFL) DFS, the company’s global sports DFS range now includes more than 15 different sports.

DraftKings SVP for International Growth Jefferey Haas emphasised the importance of launching Aussie Rules tournaments in order to tap into a sport of more than 111.4 million viewers watching AFL broadcasts in 2020.

Fourth-highest domestic audience attendance globally

“The Australian Football League boasts huge appeal both in Australia and internationally with the fourth-highest domestic audience attendance globally,” Haas stated.

“With DraftKings’ rich daily fantasy heritage, we are thrilled to add these AFL contests to our industry-leading variety of DFS categories as an ‘Approved AFL Fantasy Sports and Betting Provider’.

“Fans all over can discover and incorporate AFL action into their second-screen gaming experience as the 31-week-long season plus four weeks of finals gets underway where some of the toughest athletes on the planet square up for intense end-to-end action.” 

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