DraftKings Enter Data Contract With Alation Inc

DraftKings entered into a data contract with data catalogue company Alation Inc. With Alation, data analysts and business users from DraftKings have a centralised, unified reference source for efficient data creation, productive communication and extended knowledge sharing, resulting in better products and superior customer experience.

Paul Liberman, President, Global Technology & Product at DraftKings said: “Data is the lifeblood of our organisation. We use Alation to better understand our data, improve onboarding of new employees, and empower our teams with critical insights to build better products and features for our customers.”

Satyen Sangani, CEO of Alation, added: “DraftKings is the perfect example of an agile organisation that is embracing a data culture by increasing collaboration and data access, and driving trust in data. We are excited that Alation can play an important role in DraftKings’ success and in consumers’ enjoyment of their products.”

Every year, the products of DraftKings produce trillions of data points across a multitude of sources. To facilitate rapid iteration, the Alation Data Catalog is central to helping DraftKings ‘ analysts quickly find the data they need, understand and derive value from it.