DoubleUp Group’s New Brand To Use Fast Track CRM

DoubleUp Group is launching a new brand that will be the first online casino on the Pragmatic Solutions platform to use Fast Track CRM’s features.

The Fast Track platform will handle all facets of player engagement for the new brand, which is expected to launch in May, and will prioritise automation and real-time, on-site engagement.

This involves using Fast Track’s in-house solution for on-site updates in order to provide their players with “in the moment” engagements and experiences.

Flexible solution

DoubleUp Group’s managing director, Ale Rallo, said: “We chose Fast Track because they offer a flexible solution that can power the dynamic engagements that are vital to creating a memorable player experience. 

“We want our team to harness the full extent of their creativity and not be limited by the capabilities of default tools. Fast Track will give them this freedom, allowing them to maximise player engagement.”

Fast Track co-founder Christopher Hirst added: “We share a lot of the same values as DoubleUp; we are constantly looking at how products and processes can be improved, and don’t settle for the status quo. 

“We know they have ambitious plans for their brand and we are ready to support them in making it a success.”