Donaco Executives Intl Increase Personal Share Ownership


On 19th September, Donaco International announced that it’s Chief Executive Officer Paul Arbuckle and Executive Director Ben Reichel had decided to buy extra stocks in the business. To many insiders, this is evidence that managers demonstrate their trust in the future of the business by expanding their private assets.

In the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) filing, it was disclosed that Arbuckle had acquired almost 167,000 stocks, while Reichel had expanded its assets by nearly 170,000. This increased the total holdings of the Executive Director to more than 880,000 shares of the company’s stock.

This step occurs almost precisely one month after a shake-up with Donaco International’s Executive Board. Back in July, the Lim Brothers, Joey Lim Keong Yew and Ben Lim Keong Hoe ,who were the creators of Donaco, were compelled out of the board of managers.

With two roles accessible, the firm has introduced Leo Chan Yan Ho and Kurkye Wong. Both entered their roles with impeccable qualifications as Chan was the executive director of Argyle Street Management, and Wong was the company’s vice president.

While Reichel has been a company director for a long time, Arbuckle has only been CEO since June. The fact that he expanded his investment is regarded as a hint to shareholders that they should have trust in Donaco.

This arises after a late August study that the business may take much longer than anticipated to recover. Due to the enormous difficulties that the firm has faced with its casino activities in Cambodia, specifically linked to the Star Vegas Resort and Club, it is anticipated that they will face a much larger loss for the shareholders of what was first suggested.

The latest fiscal year, which concluded on June 30, discovered the losses to be close to $131 million. That being 55.8 percent greater than expected. This arises in the midst of a increasing legal fight between Donaco and the management firm Lee Hoe Property, which holds the property where the casino lives.

It would have been simple for the managers to stick with these types of problems. But their desire to improve their business stocks is a indication to many that they expect a major turnaround at Donaco. There may not be much evidence to support this conclusion, but their willingness to increase their shares may be all the evidence they need to see for those seeking a good investment.



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