Dinesh Karthik Links Up With i3Interactive For Blitz PL

For the ongoing Blitz Premier League, the brainchild of Indian poker brand Blitzpoker, in which the company is in the midst of acquiring interests, Dinesh Karthik has linked up with i3 Interactive.

Blitzpoker, known as Dan Bilzerian ‘s official poker room, formerly known as FTR Poker until a recent acquisition and re-branding, aims to combine the love of poker with cricket to create enthusiasm among Indian fans.

BPL is a 45-day event initially beginning on September 21, 2020 that will include a series of giveaways and regular tournaments as the community aims to invite new players from across the world.

Bilzerian explained, reflecting on the relationship with Karthik: “It is absolutely thrilling to have a cricketer of Dinesh Karthik’s calibre join our ranks for this upcoming tournament. I would like to welcome him to the party and we are quite excited about this collaboration.

“I would also like to wish him the best for all his upcoming matches as he leads his team. Mr Karthik personifies the hard work and dedication needed to master the game of poker.

“Blitz Premier League is our way of celebrating India’s passion for cricket while also celebrating the game of skill, i.e. poker. We look forward to, once again, witnessing the passion and love for the game of poker that we’ve come to expect from the Indian poker community.”

Indian Wicketkeeper-Batsman Karthik is the captain of the new Indian Premier League’s Kolkata Knight Riders, which began this month in a rearranged competition in Dubai , Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

“Like cricket, poker requires a particular set of skills. These skills require a lot of dedication, hard work and practice to master,” Karthik commented.

“Blitz Premier League is a unique online poker tournament which will definitely excite the poker fans. My partnership with Blitzpoker is my way of extending my support towards the game, and my respect for the players.”

A business merger arrangement with “an arm’s length, private British Columbia corporation,” which “owns an active Indian poker brand,” was outlined earlier this year by i3 Interactive.

The agreement was said to see the resulting subsidiary, a wholly owned corporation under the name ‘i3 India Holdings Corp,’ acquire an indirect, 65 percent controlling interest, highlighting the plan to rename to the above-mentioned brand title.