Dimayor Name BetPlay As Liga Femenina Sponsor

BetPlay has been named by the Major Division of Colombian Professional Football (Dimayor) as the latest sponsor of Liga Femenina, the country’s top women’s football league. The deal, which came into force on 16 October, specifies that, until 2023, the official name of the league will be Liga Femenina BetPlay.

Fernando Jaramillo, president of Dimayor, said that sponsorships, as well as government donations, were necessary in order for the women’s league to be able to carry out this new season.

“[Thanks to] our effort and our sponsor’s, we can have a women’s league. We’ll be able [to enjoy] them, but not only their football, because in this country [women’s football] goes beyond the sport. They’re showing that Colombian women are empowered and that they represent many things,” he said.

Corredor Empresarial ‘s online division is the primary sponsor of Colombia’s professional football. Currently, it also sponsors Liga BetPlay, Copa BetPlay and Torneo BetPlay, as well as the Colombian Football Federation (FCF), in addition to lending its name to the Liga Femenina.

Jaramillo clarified that Dimayor aims to last more than two months for the women’s tournament: “We have sponsors interested in this sport like BetPlay, and we have to look for many more. The goal is to have a longer tournament, that has more games and at the same level as men’s football leagues.

“In the future we have to create a sustainable system. The national government will remain committed and next year we’ll receive resources from FIFA.”

There are 13 teams divided into three classes in the competition, which began last Friday. Although the champion’s prizes remain uncertain, Dimayor announced that the last match would take place on December 13.

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