Dignitas Signs QNTMPAY Agreement

New Meta Entertainment, Inc. (NME )’s subsidiary, Dignitas, has signed a new collaboration agreement with QNTMPAY, a new-age global digital bank.

QNTMPAY will serve as Dignitas’ Official Digital Banking Partner, according to the contract. This is the first time the digital bank has entered the professional gaming business, with the goal of dismantling the rough edges of traditional banking.

The League of Legends teams of Dignitas will be rebranded. The LCS team will be known as ‘Dignitas QNTMPAY,’ while the LCS Academy team will be known as ‘DIG QNTM Academy.’ QNTMPAY will be emblazoned on the team’s jerseys as well.

Furthermore, QNTMPAY and Dignitas will use innovative technologies like payment curation, openness surrounding savings, and multi-currency wallets to address some of the existing issues in the financial side of egaming, such as excessive fees and inefficiencies of traditional banking.

Digital bank built for experiences

QNTMPAY’s founder, Adam Pearsall, said: “We are excited to build a meaningful relationship with Dignitas and the esports community nearing half a billion fans globally. QNTMPAY is a digital bank built for experiences, and this partnership with Dignitas allows us to offer our customers those that are world-class. We look forward to launching our offering this summer, setting the benchmark for the future of esports and digital banking.”

New Meta Entertainment, Inc. and Dignitas CEO Michael Prindiville said: “Dignitas and QNTMPAY share the same motivation for innovation and technology, making our partnership the perfect pairing to elevate our League of Legends teams. It’s our honour to welcome QNTMPAY, a bank built for the people, into our organisation which aims to be the team that fights for and represents all.”

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