Digitain Improves Virtual Tennis Offering With LSports Link-Up

After agreeing to incorporate LSports’ new Tennis Betting Simulator product into their platform, Digitain has improved its virtual tennis offering.

The software will use actual data from over one million historic tennis matches, with similar replay of predetermined, initial matches along with real-time odds and visualisations. Ball movement, heatmaps, shot placements, score adjustments and match statistics will also be aspects of this.

The original match information will be disclosed to customers at the conclusion of each game, including the names of the players and the respective tournament times and dates – allowing results to be confirmed.

Samvel Mkrtumyan, Head of External Communications at Digitain stated: “We are very happy to welcome LSports to our platform with such an innovative and exciting virtual betting product.

“We are committed to continually improving the products and services we offer our partners – and it is clear that LSports imaginative new product will be a success in driving additional revenues for them.”

Under the deal, Digitain will make its network of partners more than 300 simulated matches available every day. Users can gain exposure to a variety of betting markets like pre-match and in-play markets including game winners, point winners, match winners and more.

Yoav Ziv, VP LSports Sales, said: “We are delighted that Digitain has decided to partner with us on our new and exciting Tennis Betting Simulator product.

“We are very proud of the efforts our team put at developing and launching an innovative solution to boost tennis revenues and we are confident that it will add great value to the Digitain platform and ultimately to their partners.”