Digitain Expands Gaming Suite With Penalty Betting App

Sportsbook and casino platform provider Digitain, after announcing the launch of its in-house betting app, Penalty, has expanded its gaming suite.

Players will compete to correctly predict the randomly created outcome of the penalty shoot-out which Digitain hopes via a ‘match-day soundtrack and immersive visual effects’ to render as realistic as possible.

Martin Clarke, Digitain Director of Product said: “Football enthusiasts around the globe are sorely missing the beautiful game, and this thrilling new title helps to fill the gap in sporting action for entertainment-hungry fans.

“Following in the footsteps of RocketOn and Crash, Penalty marks the latest addition to our acclaimed in-house catalogue, as Digitain continues to help operators respond to fixture schedule disruption with action-packed alternatives.”

The new game comes as Digitain searches for potential revenue sources to reduce the deficit in live sporting events.

Digitain announced plans in March to ‘navigate the storm’ triggered by the coronavirus pandemic by raising its catalogue of alternative markets to the front of its ranks.

Digitain has improved its deal with in-house skill sports, new sporting markets, a range of sporting events as well as its table football betting roster, boasting a ‘action-packed line-up’ of content.